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Classic Comedy nobody should miss!, 20 July 2001

This is Cary Grant at his best! Nobody makes movies like this anymore. A delightful comedy of errors about 2 maiden aunts & their nephew[played by Cary Grant]. The aunts make these delicious cookies and give them to visitors with very comedic & unexpected results. I have seen this many times & it is always enjoyable & full of laughs. Once you see you will know why it is a CLASSIC...

Legend (1985)
A must for Fantasy Lovers!, 18 June 2001

This a well-done & beautiful to watch fantasy. Ridley Scott did an excellent job in interpreting the fantasy world & its rich, colorful characters. Tim Curry is at this best playing Darkness! I was so impressed by him the first time I saw it when It first came out. This should be a definite addition to any movie collection.

I have not seen the European version but would love to compare.

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Combination of Western & Eastern Dragon Myths, 23 April 2001

After months of searching, I finally found & bought Dragonheart: A New Beginning. An enjoyable family movie which anyone who loves fantasy

& dragons must see. It has a combination of both the western & eastern dragon myths. Shows Drake as he grows from a shy young dragon to an adult & battles another dragon. Robby Benson does a good job as the voice of Drake but may be overshadowed if compared to Sean Connery as Draco from Dragonheart.

I found it a bit confusing as it combined the eastern mythology and occasional displays of Martial Arts. Visually beautiful to watch with an entertaining twist at the end.

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Great atmosphere that transports you into the South!, 29 December 2000

I really enjoyed how well the atmosphere was created as well as the wonderful colorful characters such as Lady Chablis & the man who walked the invisible dog. As usual, Spacey did an excellent job. It is a mystery with a twist & I might even pick up the book..

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Read the book & loved the Movie., 3 November 2000

This is one of the best book adaptations I have seen. Sissy Spacek did an excellent job portraying Loretta Lynn she did all the singing herself. It is my favorite biographical movies with great acting by Sissy & Tommy Lee Jones. I have the soundtrack too!

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A must see for everyone!, 12 October 2000

This is a well done fairy tale for adults as well as children. Rob Reiner did an excellent job. The characters are wonderful and the movie is full with wonderful & humorous quotes. My favorite characters are Inigo Montoya and Wesly/Dread Pirate Roberts. Look for Billy Crystal & Carol Kane. An all star fantasy full with humour, adventure & true love. A must have for your video collection!

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One of the few Vampire stories I can watch..and like., 8 September 2000

I am not a big fan of vampire stories but I really enjoyed The Kindred and it showed the clashes with the different vampire clans. I thought it had interesting stories and not just a lot of fangs. C Thomas Howell investigates unusual happenings not knowing that there are vampires.

You even liked some of the vampires! It had a lot of atmosphere and I was disappointed when it was cancelled. I would recommend it!

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For all dragonlovers!, 1 September 2000

I can't count how many times I have seen this movie but enoy it every time. Sean Connery was wonderful as the voice of Draco & will argue with anyone who says otherwise.

David Thewlis is great as the guy you love to hate. Great humour as well as action and the photography is spectacular. The people who designed Draco did a great job. Interesting story which should be seen by anyone who loves the fantasy genre.

Dark City (1998)
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Great Atmosphere!, 31 August 2000

I really enjoyed Dark City not only because of the interesting characters and unusual plot but the way the atmosphere was created. It is a very dark & moody and it gave me the same feeling that some of the old black & whites films would do. Interesting idea of how our memories can be manipulated and

makes us wonder what is real. Somewhat of a moodier & less technical perspective of "the Matrix". Where I can see some similarities. They both are also very different. I saw this in a double bill with "The Matrix" and it is an excellent combination! It is also an excellent combination of science fiction & mystery. Rufus Sewell was an unknown until this movie and he did an excellent job. Both Kiefer Sutherland & William Hurt are both out of character in the roles here but add in interesting twist. I would recommend this a must see!!

Tim Curry at his Best!, 25 August 2000

Hilarious campy spoof of horror & musicals. Nice to see Susan Sarandon in a silly role before she became such an accomplished actress. No one can pull off a drag queen role as well as Tim Curry. He is sensational as Frank-n-furter. The audience partici-pation makes it so much fun. It is a shock the first time you see but you become hooked and end up seeing again,again & again. Just a step to the left..

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