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dated but worthy sci-fi, 8 November 2000

A cop investigates the murder of corporate executive in a nightmarish New York of the future. Low production values, holes in the plot are salvaged by sterling performances and plot concepts (global overpopulation and environmental disaster) that remain relevant today. Somewhat similar in feel to the superior "Bladerunner" (1982). (Rating: B+)

Network (1976)
prophetic, 8 November 2000

Television network executives exploit an emotionally disturbed anchorman to improve ratings. Depressing satire features first rate characters, knife-edge script and fine story. All the cruelty, cynicism and shallowness of the industry captured on a single film. (Rating: A)

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clawing, ripping comedy, 8 November 2000

A wealthy widow psychologically terrorizes her sons to gain control over their lives. Dark comedy with searing performance by main character, however, supporting roles are reduced to mere props. Viewers who enjoy this film may like "Lion in Winter" (1968). (Rating: A-minus)

Breakdown (1997/I)
fairly good action flick, 8 November 2000

A man's wife is kidnapped and held for ransom in an isolated desert town. Overly familiar story about an ordinary man pushed to his limits is saved by low-key, realistic performances. Holes in the plot are less numerous than many action-suspense films. (Rating: B+)

Just Cause (1995)
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contrived, 6 November 2000

A lawyer assists a skeptical police inspector in an investigation to prove his client's innocence. Hackneyed plot and mediocre main character saved (barely) by supporting performances and mildly interesting twists. (Rating: B+)

slick and spooky, 6 November 2000

In 1799, an eccentric police constable employs scientific methods to investigate apparently supernatural murders. Adaptation of Washington Irving story succeeds with quirky, interesting main character, reasonable script and intense atmosphere to distract from pedestrian plot. (Rating: B+)

talented director and actors, 6 November 2000

An clever but emotionally disturbed man manipulates friends to better his social position. Crafted film works well as murder-mystery and psychological thriller. Characters evolve with increasingly complex plot and spiraling tension. One of the better movies with Best Laid Plans theme. (Rating: A)

The Crow (1994)
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no substance, 6 November 2000

A murdered man returns to life to avenge his and his wife's death with the help of a supernatural bird. Cinematic style and atmosphere cannot disguise essentially a martial arts flick with television-show plot, script and character development. (Rating: B)

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adolescent fare, 27 October 2000

Three student documentary film makers are stalked by unseen assailants when they lose their way in a forest. Very low budget suspense film fails to generate tension due to unsympathetic main characters, paper-thin plot and foul-mouthed script. (Rating: B)

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nothing deep here, 23 October 2000

A drifter manipulates two rival gangs in a small town during the Depression. Reasonable remake of Kurosawa's "Yojimbo" and Leone's "A Fist Full of Dollars". Bland main character and moderate supporting performances somewhat salvaged by cinematic style and good pace. (Rating: B+)

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