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Ticker (2001)
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damn i'm so stupid to have rented this :-(, 30 July 2002

i should have known this one would be below average. it had loser

written all over it.

Direct to video

steven seagal (back in pony tailed fat mode)

this was very cheap looking. Dennis Hopper was over the top (what did you expect!) c'mon tom sizemore deserves better movies than this.

:-( *1/2 out of ****

could this beeeee any worse!!!, 22 December 2001

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OH MY GOD i cannot believe i paid money to see this film, it wasnt my fault, Lord Of The Rings was sold out. Too long for kids to enjoy, too childish for adults, destined to please no one! Good British actors including Alan Rickman, Robbie Coltrane, Maggie Smith and Richard Harris do what they can with a disjointed script and over acting child actors. Some of the special effects were good but we've seen the like before eg. the half horse half man straight out of an episode of Xena. Oh and good idea to set up a menacing villain like Rickman only to have him become a good guy....not.

Frankly i could do with the two and a half hours back please. :-(

* out of ****

The Score (2001)
this one SCORE's high marks, 20 November 2001

This film is the type of movie which leaves you with the desire 2 see it again. De Niro is always believable, Norton has a fiery intensity, Brando is a pleasure to watch. These three actors make theis whole film dynamite from start to finish even is its slow in parts. Methodically made, articulately put together with a final 20 minutes that are taut, tense and exciting. dont miss it. ***1/2 out of ****

Magnolia (1999)
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I just dont get it!!, 1 July 2001

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(SPOILERS) I like movies that make me think, i also like popcorn throwaway films too, but i just cant seem to work out where Magnolia is coming from. Standouts in the cast include Phillip Baker Hall, Tom Cruise, the late Jason Robards and Julianne Moore but the acting cant compensate for stories that go on and on about nothing. The prime exampl is the cop and the drug addict woman...what was that all about? I dont mind sitting through a long movie as long as it pays off in the end but the last shot of the camera just watching the woman is stupid. Maybe im the stupid one, maybe this film has gone way past me or maybe its more of an art film, maybe its wrong not to like it cos of the critic praise. Can anyone tell me whos place William H Macy's character was stealing from? Anyway *1/2 out of **** Just a mess

ooo Don't get me started on the frogs falling from the sky it would take too long.

Laugh out loud most of the time, 1 July 2001

Although ripping off "Mrs Doubtfire" and "Nutty Professor" there's still something funny about someone disguised as someone else in latex. The film starts well and manages to keep the laughs going until the finale when it becomes tiring. I've never taken much notice of Martin Lawrence before but from now on i'll try to see more of his movies. Big Momma's House IS FUNNY! **1/2/****

Hollow Man (2000)
Paul Verhoeven does it again!, 1 July 2001

This is what movie entertainment is all about. Hollow Man has everything. Kevin Bacon in his trademark villain role, good support from Elisabeth Shue and Josh Brolin and excellent-eyepopping effects. The FX are very much an asset to this film and the film builds its tension well. Sit back and be entertained ***1/2 out of ****

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Two forceful performances in a good war film, 27 May 2001

Two A-List stars don't add up to a blockbuster, they need a better script.

Samuel L Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones make their characters creditable and interesting even though they are paper thin.

After directing the great courtroom remake of twelve angry men (1997) you'd think William Friedkin would be able to bring tension to these courtroom scenes.

Instead its heavyweight acting but the pay off of courtroom scenes have no punch.

Fortunately pros like Ben Kingsley and Anne Archer lend fine support. The actual attack scene is well staged. ***/****

Valentine (2001)
slasher pic that rips off every other slasher pic, 27 May 2001

The deaths were staged well and the performances were uniformly bland as expected but there was no fun to be had.

Originality was not a strong point either. As we are moving into slasher parody now (scary movie) i thought the best thing for this movie was to not make it deathly serious.

I did think The Killer was menacing but since the shocks and tension was minimal he came off as more of a cartoon than a villain.

Was it just me or did that ending not make sense! I gotta give it something though for its glossy look and atmosphere. **/****

Hanging Up (2000)
not bad film with good actors, 3 April 2001

you can safely say that this was really meg ryans film. its a shame that there wasn't much actual interaction between the three sisters ntil the end. Dianne keaton and lisa kudrow hardly get a chance to flesh out their characters.

The Ephron sisters have come up with a very manic, confusing and loud first half but luckily slow things down and reflect in the second half.

A special mention to one of my favorite actors who always made me laugh, Walter Matthau's performance was first rate.

2/12 out of 4

X-Men (2000)
a fast, thrilling look at the outsiders called X-MEN, 28 November 2000

Brian Singer has made it safe to go back to the cinemas and enjoy superhero films once more. It had the right tone and casting (patrick stewart as prof X, who else could play it!). Never read an X-MEN comic and i could understand it! Although it could have used a bit more action i suppose it did need the set up of all the characters. Hopefully the bad guys will get more screen time in the sequel.

Hugh Jackman and NZ's own Anna Paquin were a joy to watch. *** out of ****

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