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The Streetfighter Vs. The Creature from the Black Lagoon., 17 January 2004

Okay Japanese rubber suit/monster flick. Mad scientist plans to rule the world with his fishmen/water cyborgs from his underwater base. Sonny Chiba in an early role is the hero and American Peggy Neal plays the girl in trouble. Best viewed late at night with Attack of the Mushroom People.

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Mind bending 70's Sleaze., 19 November 2002

This is what you would get if you asked Jim Thompson to write a Three Stooges episode and then told him at the last minute he had to include a small child channeling the spirit of Harpo Marx. See it if you get the chance by all means.

Wu quan (1976)
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"Agile monkey picking peaches.", 26 September 2002

Very funny Angela Mao vehicle. She plays a character named Fei Fei who is seeking vengeance for the deaths of some friends she just met, as well as trying to help two older kung-fu masters decide who is the better fighter. Much comedy is provided by these two men. One is a drunk with a prominent red nose and the other is smoking something that causes hilariously goofy music to play whenever he takes a hit off his pipe. Angela is very funny, mixing in a good deal of slapstick with straight fighting, in the various combat scenes. Also funny are nods to both Clint Eastwood's man with no name and Henry Mancini's Pink Panther theme. Recommended to those looking for a more light hearted martial arts flick.

A blasted from the kung-fu pasted., 11 August 2002

Jimmy Wang Yu (star of MASTER OF THE FLYING GUILLOTINE) plays a cab-driver in Taiwan who seems to spend most of his time getting into fights which his Dad has to bail him out of. Dad is trying to save money so he can get an operation to return his daughter's sight. Recently arrived in town are a trio of brothers who have been raised since childhood (by an old woman with a scar) in the martial arts so they can seek vengeance for their parent's deaths. Jimmy's Dad turns out to be the guilty party and it's up to Jimmy to defend his family from their wrath. This movie is equal parts Jackie Chan and Ed Wood in it's execution and inspiration. For every scene that is technically well done their is one that just makes you shake your head and wonder what he was thinking. The final showdown between Jimmy and the scar-faced woman being the best example. "Blasted" shows up in the subtitles a lot but not always in the same context. Sometimes it's used instead of bastard and othertimes it's used instead of just any random exclamation. What the english title KNIGHT ERRANT has to do with anything is beyond me. Check it out if you like old school 70's martial arts mayhem.

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Jimmy does it again., 11 August 2002

I found this to be a confusing at times martial arts period piece. The story has to do with Japanese and Chinese rivals, a pair of swords, and some pearls. Star Jimmy Wang Yu as the title character shows up only sporadically and doesn't get any real screen time til the end of the flick. There are still plenty of fight scenes without him though. And that's what this movie is all about. The fight scenes. Fans of his MASTER OF THE FLYING GUILLOTINE will find much to enjoy and much in common with this film. Outlandish villians with equally outlandish weapons. Unique fighting styles and interesting arenas of combat. Highlights include the trio of long-haired kung fu zombies as well as the showdown at the end in the barn of many Wang Yus.

Crash Cinema's DVD is ok. Picture while wide-screen is a little scratchy and washed out at times. This english dub though is probably the only place to see this bit of 70's martial arts action.

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See Spock box., 14 March 2002

Mild 50's era melodrama about pug faced boxer who finds his life changed after plastic surgery. Plays like a Bowery Boys movie with extra pathos. Notable only for being Leonard Nimoy's first starring role. He does reasonable enough job as title character. Also in the cast are TV's first Jimmy Olsen Jack Larson as Nimoy's best bud and Jerry Lewis second banana Kathleen Freeman in the unlikely role of Nimoy's mother. For fans of Nimoy and Bowery Boys only.

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Lost Ed Wood classic!!, 14 October 2000

James Craig plays a scientist in need of a vacation in this Ed Wood scripted b-movie masterpiece. He takes one in Japan and decides to make a monster plant while there. For fans of Wood this movie is a must see as it's full of that familiar over the top Wood dialogue. "I refuse the word impossible." "Unless I miss my guess.My creation is so powerful now it could devour anything." Good luck tracking it down and don't be fooled by the Regal Video version box art which identifies a whole different movie (MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND). This lost Wood classic deserves to be seen by his fans and anyone who enjoys so-bad their good films.