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Horrible script, 9 March 2001

The storyline of this movie had the potential to be good and intriguing, however the writer massacred it. The characters' motivations where sketchy and overacted, even by the usually charismatic Dennis Hopper. Some of the lines had me laughing when it was obviously meant to be suspensful, serious, or cathartic.

Overall, it is worth a watch for a Dennis Hopper fan. He saves this otherwise sinking ship.

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Surreal and Fun, 18 September 2000

I consider this film to be one of the staples of growing up in this society. The script has fun with the trials and nuances of growing up, without being preachy. On the plot side, this film can be a little difficult to follow on the first time watching, as the story is very imaginative and surreal. Viewers are flitted back and forth between reality and a very well-done dream sequence that features great performances by the talented Jason Robards and Corey Feldman.

Well-done, but not overdone, 31 May 2000

As an employee of IMAX theatres, which are the sole venues carrying Michael Jordan to the Max, I have had plenty of exposure to the film. It could have very easily been the bloated and overhyped media we are used to seeing about Jordan, but this film was tastefully done and contains entertaining elements for everyone, even someone who is not a sports fan. I would recommend it to anyone who's interested in Jordan, but don't expect too much action - it's a documentary.

Fight Club (1999)
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An ingenious look into our psyches., 9 May 2000

Bravo for Fight Club. This movie, backed by an excellent novel, was the perfect glimpse into the psyche of all Americans. I think everyone can relate to something about Edward Norton's character. Many people may think this movie is about fighting and testosterone, but that is just an overlying plot element that rather cleverly disguises the true meaning of the film. Every person has things they wish they were, and everyone has a breaking point. This film is about how the narrator manifests his. I would recommend this film for anyone, especially the Brad Pitt or David Fincher fan. These two make magic together.

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Impressive effects, weak characters, 30 April 2000

This film actually surprised me with its level and quality of special effects. The acting was mediocre at best, but I wouldn't expect much more considering the weak plot and horrible character development. The motivations and conflicts were banal if they were present at all. Overall, it's worth viewing for a fantasy or special effects buff, but don't expect a lot.