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It was good....., 5 January 2001

I just saw "Proof of Life" about two hours ago and I remain unimpressed. I guess it was good. It was enjoyable, but nothing really stood out from any other action movies. The plot was slightly unique so I didn't know exactly how it would end but I had a hunch. Anyway, see it if you want to or don't... you won't miss too much.

An instant commedy classic, 5 January 2001

A very funny movie. In the future I expect to see this movie in heavy rotation on a number of basic cable networks. Definitely worth seeing and the plot wasn't too obvious. I would have liked to see Benjamin Bratt more and maybe have more relationship developement between him and Sandra Bolluck but still I wasn't expecting too much and I was pleaseantly surprised.

Good Clean Fun..... See it with your grandmother.

"D.C." (2000)
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So sad it's gone, 5 January 2001

I am really disappointed that the WB's DC went off the air. Especially when they continue to make new episodes of 7th Heaven (How many moral lessons can one family learn?) It was a really good show i thought, from the maybe five episodes that ever aired. I don't know why it didn't catch on. Well, I'll go now and cry for a while.

PS (Almost made me want to become a politician.....almost)

"Passions" (1999)
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Horribly stupid show, but I love it!!, 5 January 2001

I have to admit, passions is one of the worst shows I have ever seen, but I love it. I can't help myself. Well, let me give you a little backgroud. Two years ago, I had never seen a soap opera before in my life. Mid summer, I started to see very cryptic previews for a show called "passions" and I decided I had to see what the soap craze was all about. The first few days, I didn't get it. I mean, the acting was horrible, it seemed to have no plot, and it dragged on and on. But then one day, I dont know how,it clicked and i was addicted. I wish there were a passions anonymous group I could join because I can't stop now. Every day I am desperate to see if Theresa and Ethan's relationship will work out or if Miguel will finally realize Kay loves him. All I have to say is DON'T KNOCK IT TILL YOU'VE WATCHED......TWICE.

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Almost, but not quite, 2 January 2001

The Locusts was a good movie. I say good because after watching it, I wasn't very impacted. The only memorable aspect of this film was the outstanding performance of Vince Vaughn. Though the story concept seemed very original, the script seemed to be lacking in the kind of lines that stick in your head. See it if it's there but don't go out and look for it.

Titus (1999)
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Alan Cumming: The unsung (well, under-sung) hero of this film., 1 September 2000

This movie was visually amazing. Titus, like films such as Romeo And Juliet and Plunkett And Macleane,used scenery updating to convey a more contemporary edge. Although it may seem like a strange concept, the modern props never threw off the story or seemed out of place. I loved the scene where the Empress, Tamra's sons were playing video games and listening to music on headphones while Aaron the Moor played pool.

Anyway, more to the point, I Loved Alan Cumming. His interpretation of the origional Shakepherian lines updated the film without props. I loved the way he could be loud and dictating one second and quiet and unsure the next. This was truly one of his best performances (although all of them have been fabulous).

The only part of this movie that I did not understand was the deal with the little boy. I don't understand who he was or how he came to be there, why they held him up in the collesium, why he carried the baby off into nowhere (where was he going?). I just did not get what his role was or why he was there.

Moral of the movie: Beware of foes bearing pie.

Harsh yet beautiful look at America's past...., 3 August 2000

Snow Falling On Cedars was definitely one of the better movies of 1999. A touching love story set on the backdrop of post WW2 America, this movie sheds light on the harsh reality of what was really going on in America at the time. As isn't stressed as much as it should be, Americans aren't the Gods we claimed to be in the early 1900's. The US treated the Japanese, as well as many other minorities almost as poorly as Germany, Italy and Russia. This movie was very beautiful. Although the dialouge was slow at times, most of the movie had stunning cinematography. One of my favourite scenes (Visually) was when Kazuo turned on the overhead light and you could see the shadows moving on the chess pieces and on his face. The rest of the movie was full of the beauty of the Washington area with it's snowy winters and rainy summers and springs. I would highly recomend to anyone to see this movie because it will change you. I came out of this movie deeply moved and sad. The story of unrequited love has never been told in such a way and this movie was very underrated.

My favourite quotes:

(Ishmael) "I know the snow has caused you so much truoble but isn't it beautiful?"

(Ishamael) "Words just float away"

I think we all know who the real star was......., 2 August 2000

This is just a warning to anyone who is about to read this review: I AM ABOUT TO TALK NON-STOP ABOUT JUDE LAW! After seeing this movie it is very obvious to me why one one of the characters in the movie was nominated for an academy award! Jude's preformance was impecable. Not only was he able to catch the beauty and charm of Dickie Greenleaf, but also the repulsive vanity and selfishness of the character. Not many other actors, if any, would be able to accomplish something like this. To see the true depth of this character one need only ask himself two questions: 1) Did you hate Dickie Greenleaf? 2)Did you love Dickie Greenleaf? The answer to both of these questions is "Yes". This is how multidemensional the character was. All I can say is Jude, Jude, Jude. If you love him (like myself) see this movie. If you don't love will.

My favourite quotes:

(Marge) "It's like the sun shines on you and it's glorious, and then he forgets you and it's very very cold."

(Freddie)"Dont you just want to f- them all just once?" (Dickie) "Just once?"

Idle Hands (1999)
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Honestly, the worst movie I have ever seen, 24 July 2000

This is a warning to all of you out there who might be tempted to see this movie.....DON'T!!!!! Please spare yourself!! Such a waste of money on the producer's part, such a waste of time on the actor's part. I have sympathy for anyone whose name is associated with this movie, they shall forever bury thier faces in shame. WHY!!?!??!!?!? WHY does this movie suck so much? Why can I not bare to see another soul spend $2.00 to rent it? Well, 1)plot: none. 2) charcters: they could have spent thier time making better movies (Austin Powers, Final Destination) 3) scripting: I haven't heard more nonsensical gibberish come out of anyone's mouth since the Nixon Admin. 4)Do I really need a four? Come on.... DONT SEE IT!!!!!!

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So this is what all the fuss is about...., 24 July 2000

After hearing countless times about what a wonderful movie this was from friends, I finally saw Notting Hill and I was not disappointed. This movie honestly is one of the best romantic comedies ever made. Truly Romantic. Truly Funny. I would recommend that everyone see this movie even though it might be considered a "chick flick". I garauntee any guys who are forced into watching this will truly enjoy it. My favorite quote: You are the most beautiful woman in the world! Fancy a ...... (see the movie!)

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