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Great show!, 13 December 2000

I've watched this show and I can only say one thing: great!.I knew this show would be good because John Goodman is the star.This show once again proves the immense talent of Mr. Goodman.I've been a huge fan of his since his excellent performance in The Babe.Anything he's in is great,though,so...This show could run a long time if everyone found time to watch it.I agree that it doesn't showcase the usual gay stereotypes found in other shows.Once again,great show.

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the greatest show I've ever seen., 29 April 2000

I agree with everyone who have posted comments on Married...with Children.This is the funniest tv show in the history of t.v. I miss it.Even the episodes with Seven were funny.Every episode is a classic of situation comedy in my opinion. I watch it three times a night,twice on FX and at midnight on FOX.I've memorized just about all of Al's lines.It really stinks that it isn't on anymore.Oh well there's always reruns.The only complaint I have are the dumb spinoff episodes.At least they got rid of them.