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American Pimp is a Masterpiece!!!!!, 16 June 2000

Despite the Critic's various negative reviews of this film, I thought it was one of the greatest documentaries I have ever seen. The Hughes Brother's have crafted an intricate portrayal in the world of the Pimp. Now I know what you folks are thinking, the subject is too crass and the language and dialogue are raunchy! But that is the way the Hughes have to portray the pimps as they are basically being themselves. The documentary shows the pimps just how charismatic and charming they can be despite their infamous occupation. This film might probably also right the media and the general public's sterotypical viewpoints and stereotypes. I also liked the way they portrayed the woman(or the Politically Incorrect term, Ho's,Bitches, and tricks) who work for and live with the pimps. Now heed this warning, this film contains extremely rauncy content including sexual situation and foul language, meaning that the general public will not flock to see this. But if you are an open-minded person, a film of documentarie freak, or just darn curious about pimps then i suggest you go see this movie.