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The Veil (2005) (V)
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Cannot Recommend, 18 April 2015

Looking like it was shot with an old Sony Handy-Cam, The Veil tells the story of a small seaside town overtaken by something in a test tube which gets in the water and causes the residents to turn into homicidal zombies, I guess. A group of impossible-to-understand-what-the-hell-they're-saying military types (because they're always wearing gas masks, it's difficult to understand which character is which, either) arrive in town to locate survivors.

The townspeople never appear very scary, and most appear to be just folks limping around wearing winter coats and hoodies, even through the introductory scenes seem to establish it as summer, and it wasn't until about halfway through the movie that I figured out the movie takes place in the UK.

The washed-out color and blurriness of the video doesn't help, especially with night shots, so it's almost always difficult to see what's going on, and what's being said. This, and the lack of any explanation as to what's going on makes it a difficult recommendation.

Specter (2012/I)
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Above Average for it's Kind, 25 January 2015

Found footage indie film about a town, Midground, which is about to be beset by a tsunami. A group of young people are messing around with drugs during and after the disaster, and, as strange events start happening, they begin to question what's real and what isn't. Everything seems to be filmed on phones, so it may cause a little motion sickness.

The use of real disaster footage is interspersed and helps to bring some realism to the beginning of the story.

The acting isn't bad, and as with most found footage movies, the minimal lighting is used to a creepy effect.

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Really wanted to like this...., 16 December 2014

Such a shame, it's a wonderful premise and I was really looking forward to it; a giant 60's era spaceship is launched, in secret, with hundreds of people on board intended to populate a new planet and carry on the human race.

Halfway through their multi-generational voyage, there's a murder, calling into play everyone's paranoia and various truths about the mission itself.

I was really bothered by the technology on board. It doesn't seem to match with the time period. I mean, have you seen the dashboard of a 60's era car?

Acting is nothing special, though the cinematography is quite good, CGI is restrained and looks good. It's been said this is a pilot for a potential series, but I hope not. I would much rather see the much better produced "High Moon" they ran earlier in the summer brought on board. It's far superior in every possible way.

"Helix" (2014)
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Liked it, as much as I didn't want to, 11 January 2014

Just watched the first 3 episodes in this new series. I always go into Sci-Fi channel (i WILL NOT use "SyFy", so stupid) projects with little hope for entertainment, let alone any suspense, but this surprised me.

Sure, it may not be completely scientifically accurate, but there's a very nice feeling of doom and secrecy going on that I find compelling. No one ever tells anyone else what their true motive is. There's manipulation and sabotage, plus the ever-present virus, attacking and altering the members of an isolated, snowbound research facility that's being investigated by the CDC.

It's filmed in Canada (not Vancouver, for a change) and like the international, mostly unknown cast. Really looking forward to how the story plays out.

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More Fairy Tale Characters Come to Life, 10 October 2013

I wasn't sure what to think when I saw that there was a spin off of "Once Upon a Time". I was initially skeptical of that show, but it grew on me. Maybe Disney just can't resist the tie-in to all those potential money-making cartoons of theirs already out there.

It's not bad, although the initial scenes of Alice in the asylum reminded me very strongly of the beginning of "Return to Oz". The brief scene in Storybrooke at the start was a bit useless, but I found the actors to all be quite likable, oh yay, more actors from Lost, and wow, doesn't that Red Queen have some lips! It will be interesting as time goes by (provided Disney/ABC doesn't cancel it after 3 episodes like they do most everything else) to see what characters may crossover between the shows.

I was really looking forward to hearing Paul Reubens take on the white rabbit, but maybe it will come out later.

Scarecrow (2013) (TV)
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Mildly Entertaining, 6 October 2013

A group of well-deserving teens (who look way too old, but that's nothing new) spend some quality detention time running through corn and hiding in a haunted farmhouse & legendary site of several murders. The legend isn't apparently a myth, and they pay for their trespassing. It's been done before, and definitely better, but not a bad Sy-Fy offering. Nice and Halloween-y, starring that guy who I finally recognized from "Sanctuary" about halfway through.

Random thoughts - Very good to see Lacy Chabert again. Why doesn't she do more? Why is there a ripe field of corn planted on what's supposed to be long-deserted land?

End of the World (2013) (TV)
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Pretty Standard Sci-Fi fare, 24 February 2013

Pretty average for a sci-fi channel movie, though the humor level is a little higher, and the presence of Brad Dourif, Neil Grayston (Fargo from "Eureka") and Greg Grunberg (from "Heroes", who rises far above the material) makes it much more watchable.

The earth is being bombarded by plasma balls, which fry people and stuff, but that's only the beginning. A far greater threat will destroy the earth unless our intrepid geeky movie line-quoting video store clerks can save the day (oddly, the most unbelievable part of the movie is that there's still an open video store in existence). The special effects are not bad, and the acting, apart from a few really noticeable Canadian accents, isn't bad either.

Love this Movie, But Why Don't They Ever Call it a Volkswagen?, 14 February 2011

Man meets car, romance ensues. It was one of my favorites when I was younger, especially Buddy Hackett, who makes the movie, as far as I'm concerned. The special effects were great, and the supporting characters (David Tomlinson, especially), make it re-watchable. I remember vividly how VWs took off like crazy after this movie came out.

Since one of my aunts had a VW Bug AND looked almost exactly like Michelle Lee, I used to love going to visit her. I always expected the car to split in half or do a wheelie. The one thing that has always bugged me about the movie is how they NEVER call it a Volkswagen - always "the little car" or something.

Ice Quake (2010) (TV)
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just in time for the holidays!, 11 December 2010

a new sci-fi channel (don't you hate calling it sy-fy? i sure do.) Christmas adventure set on a potentially volcanic Alaskan mountain that spawns earthquakes, endless, bottomless fissures and avalanches, as well as spewing uber-cold gas that freezes things instantly. will the brave scientist and his family (who just happen to be out getting their Christmas tree at the time) get out in time and find a way to stop the chaos before the town is destroyed? we sure hope so. this would make part of great night of icy movies with "frozen" and then "ice spiders", which was the CGI sci-fi channel movie from last year around this time. i actually kind of liked this one; they don't really get around to telling you what the problem is right away, and there aren't nearly enough scary movies full of death and destruction set during the holidays.

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This show just continues to deliver!, 22 November 2010

When Rick and his gang go back downtown to get his bag of guns and to potentially rescue Merle, they discover additional survivors. By bringing in more survivors, with questionable motives, the show starts exploring just how civilization might change when everything goes to hell. By the end of the episode, it also shows just how unsafe this new world is. As the graphic novels have shown, nobody is safe, no matter how much you like them.

Bravo to AMC for going out on a limb and having pay off like this. The acting, cinematography, music, everything, hits all the right notes. I can hardly wait to see Season 2.

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