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From Hell (2001)
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From Cell, 1 March 2002

The movie rendering of Alan Moore's graphic novel should have offer something more than the stunning writing Moore had achieved and indeed it is so.

London was painted in red and black. with stunning shoots and nice montage and editing. The story a bit loose compared with the comics (which adaptation doesn't?), but still the Hughes bros able to keep us edged yo our seat. The intense and the story goes hand in hand, and they're able to put the visual elements fine.

The only loss is: the cast. All is good, Johnny Depp performance is standard, not as intense as Ed Wood, but still within our grip. All other casts able to overshape his character, except Heather Graham.

Sorry to say, she's more like a lady turn to whore. She tries to act like one, but her appearance is indeed too stunning. Makes you wonder why she rarely have any customer.

The whole pictures puts us in our trapmind. we rarely know about this serial killer rather than a myth or a documentary or a fiction. But more than that, the whole society over there was potraited in a dark way which indeed makes us realise they're actually indeed trapped in their own cells...

hopes and dreams, 28 October 2001

It goes beyond limits and expectations. Fast and the Furious

deliver fast cars and racing scenes the way Smokie and the

Bandits does. Highly unexpected and enjoyable.

Interesting enough, the story itself offer nothing more than a

standard plot. But what makes this movie worth watching is how

the usual casts become unusual by presenting them in the simple

plots and relationships.

The cars are incredible, the action scenes is gripping, and you get

more than what you have expected in this movie, rather than a

B-movie standard, this movie presents you a A-movie actions.

A gripping-no-thinking-movie, Just enjoy the action and mind the


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Growing Pains, 28 October 2001

What Denzel Washington does in this movie is similar with what

Sean Connery did in the Hunt for Red October, or Al Pacino did in

the Scent of a Woman; he simply outnumbered other casts.

From the beginning, like Ethan Hawke, we look at him with a full

awe, such charisma and control and logical reasons towards all

the violence and crimes he does. And sitting on the third seat with

these two characters later proven to be a joyride between realism

and idealism flick, similar like what Gene Hackman and Willem

Dafoe fighting in Mississippi Burning.

The mean streets of Los Angeles are well presented, we simply

look at the violence and somehow, with Denzel Washington

charm, suddenly we're wondering what kind of life Ethan Hawke

live in, which puts him in such idealism... he's a pure hero

schoolboy plunged into a pond of hell which he supposed to know

all the time.

Apart from that, the sympathy and charms which supposed to be

drawn into our growing pains towards Denzel character remains

there. That's the beauty of it, we are so deep with this character

and we can see his madness and his end with some understanding and acceptance.

Indeed this is one of Denzel Washington's excellent-steady

performance. His stare, his goove, his move, indeed casting him

in this movie is the best thing the producer have done. And for Ethan Hawke, okay, he's there the way he's suppose to be,

the usual boyish purity and idealism. I just hope he can deliver

more developing characters as he have done in Alive.

As for the storyline, the basic frame is nice, and blend nicely in

everyday's violence, but the pure luck of the rookie somehow blew

it up... followed with somehow-a forceful ending.

Training Day starts with a realistic starts, but later ends with

idealistic standard scripts... but still it's an incredible movie to


Highly recommended for evening movie.

Absolutely Incoherent, 27 October 2001

Mix a fairy tale and a cynical story, and you find a total disaster... not before Steven Spielberg decided to do Stanley Kubrick's unfinished work.

As the story unveil, we are introduced to the absolute modernism against traditional living. A professor trying to justify the reason to play with humanism. A solid concept, continued with creating David, an artificial intelligent (just plain robot with a human heart, not a brand new concept), learning so hard to be human. After sometimes, comes a human bad seeds, envy, i prefer not to uncover the basic story here, but the result: David, the robot child is forced to flee by his mother. Leaving him with an obsession: an obsession to be human, an obsession to be a loving child. His path crossed with Gigolo Joe, an android also, which was being setup and hunted for murder he didn't commit. Both later gone through a journey of hate, of knowledge, and in the end the final path of David's obsession.

This modern pinocchio story should ends the moment David meet his creator or when he meets his fairy god-mother, even better Spielberg should end this story by his 'E.T.'-style home warming or family conflicts. but instead, he decided to extend the story into the somehow fulfilling of David's obsession. In the end, we see the storyline fools ourselves, just as the creator of the Mecca (Mechanics, Robots, Androids) fools with the humanity... such a waste of story.

The story itself falls very far from similar concepts such as blade runner or even short circuit, the conclusion falls ever worse, with a guest star from 'mission to mars', the finale of this story is definitely worth skipped. in the frame of creator-creations, we have seen many empathy being focused towards the creations, and how the creators just create and won't cherish those they have created. bladerunner, short circuit, space oddisey, up to frankenstein... compared to them, a.i. have nothing fresh to offer and furthermore have a tendency to surpress more with the cynical facts that those who can see how humanity heart is so beautiful come from those not human; the android and the characters in the last part of the movie.

Haley Joel Osment and Jude Law might have a memorable experience directed by Spielberg, but this definitely not their best picture, at least not compared to the sixth sense and enemy at the gates. But for Teddy, this definitely his best movie. He indeed steals the show. (the cute teddy bear with ewok style, c3po clumsiness and hannibal lechter's voice-so does mad wrote....) Not a recommended movie for fun, but an excellent movie to be criticized and discussed among moviegoers...

Sounds of Silence, 27 October 2001

Remarkable... this movie standalone as a unimaginably story

about solitude, love, and obsession. A single mother live untouched in a fairy tale, surrounded with an

everyday people.

We are forced to see through his ears... she hears but she cannot

see, so she made up the world of her own. She dance in her own

darkness and the rest is just a string of rhythm while she was the


What strucks heavily on this movie, is the ability to capture every

moment into a musical stage. Not surprisingly, bjork role in the

musical score, a strong vivid sound of industrial machine, orderly

sounds and cries of sorrow. It leaves your mouth open wide as

one by one the music is presented in its pure message, simply to

express yourself...

Stick on the plot, and as the movie ends, the silence pierced

deeply into our ear, and suddenly we heard our own personal

sounds of silence.

Highly recommended...

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Windmills of the Gods, 27 October 2001

The musical journey of love was never this colourful. Unique and

yet original, Moulin Rouge splash an episode of a writer (Ewan

Mac Gregor) who fall in love with a top-notch beauty Satine (Nicole


The satire and yet surrealis mode of the lavishing beauty of

everyday life in Bohemian style was carefully carved and decorated

with enormous collections of modern music adaptation. The

re-arrangement and restructuring of the musical compilations

proven to be relevant yet powerful to enhance the storyline and

sparkling romance.

It is a tragic fairy tale, so expect some unusual acts and turmoil,

the movie was made specifically to glorious love, and only death

which can separate it but won't destroy it. The mood, the acts, the

plots, expect not much from the casts, but the movie is still very

much enjoyable.

Take a close look towards the musical score, it is actually had a

biggest grip towards building the emotions throughout the movie,

and indeed it explodes in the credit title.

A must for fantasy musical romance movie goers... a highly

recommended movie to enjoy throughout the time.

Memento (2000)
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Momentary Lapse of Reason, 27 October 2001

The movie tells more than any reviews can tell you. Believe me,

despite of what any critics or preview, or spoofs of blooper you

might read or encountered, nothing can explain better than

watching the movie yourself.

This is a true example of intelligent movie. A story which not only

blend with you, but integrated with you. Follow the story and

attached by it, and you definitely go identical with Guy Pearce's


Another playful aspects which can make us enjoy the movie in

different way, after Quentin Tarantino deconstruct the frame

sequence of the movie, Memento plays it tamed but even harder,

with effective impact but yet still comprehensible. An excessive

backwards mode of storytelling.

Soon enough you'll be strangled with what Lenny's fighting all over

this movie; the urge to know not what comes after every sequence,

but what comes before every sequence. It grips you with all

reversed reasons and momentary acts.

A must see for serious moviegoers, but a disaster for fun-action-usual-movie watcher.

Pacific Heights, 27 October 2001

The idea to recruit Mike Mignola for this Disney's movie is indeed

brilliant, if not a risky one. Being famous for his Hellboy on going

series, Mike Mignola's vision towards cartoons and animated arts

is beyond doubts.

But same as the standard disney's movie, atlantis holds its hopes

and dreams to become reality towards the heroes. The story

somehow is predictable and flat, the plot arrangement is

somehow stands in it's basic form which cannot offer us more

than any Disney's pictures.

What helds strongly and adds much point to this movie is the

production design. Every elements is detailed and concepted and

indeed results a highly artistic movie.

The colours are solid and strong, as the line art is original and


A must for art reference in animated movie.

Armageddon, 27 October 2001

From a team that gives you armageddon, come this (supposed to

be) epic romance of the world war II.

Do you think they come out with a new concept? Sorry no.

They simply changed Bruce Willis role (father of the heroine in

armageddon), to Ben Affleck's buddy (played by Josh Harnett) to

fight over Kate Beckinsale. The ending was designed to be the

same, the message is also exact. Towards the supremacy of

United States, and how people willing to sacrifice (or be killed) for

eternal love.

Michael Bay might be weak on picking up the story, but the

cinematography, picture-style and action sequence remains the

best amongst current directors. The war sequence is so intense

and realistic, the casts are framed nicely on the screen, and even

to the romance scene is beautifully drawn and carefully coloured

and enlighted.

For all the aspects, it is indeed for these aspects which helps us

to sit throughout the show, not the love triangle main theme of this

movie. Despite the shallowness of this movie, it will be remembered as

one of the most remarkable movie ever made.

A perfect evening movie.

Enough Said, 27 October 2001

What started to be an intense thriller later become a spin off

between Michael Douglas and Sean Bean.

Begins with a mysterious psycho patient, lead to a kidnapped

daughter, then the story looses its grips when Michael Douglas

started to unveil the mystery, and the classical shoots on the

kidnapper and constant attempt from Famke Jannsen to rescue

her daughter.

Brittany Murphy at first look very intens and impressive, like Ally

McBeal after constant reruns, she looked like a female-tamer

version of Hannibal Lechter, which later turns out to be a kitty cat

since the middle of the movie especially after constant-fast

theraphy by Michael Douglas. Probably she got the same

syndrome as Catherine Zeta Jones infected with.... they couldn't

get enough of their basic instinct.

And the story goes to a standard action movie, whilst easily

forgives the constant fear and agony which gratituosly exposed in

the beginning of the movie.

So, after all, you definitely don't (have to) say a word about this

movie. Just let it flow and expect less than what you had seen in

the beginning or the preview. Still though it's still an interesting movie to see, a darker puzzling

version of ron howard's ransom with a more satisfying ending.

A nice late evening movie to see.

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