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Great British childrens series
19 February 2002
I use to watch this as a child and I always thought that Worzel( John pertwee) was funny as Worzel and Aunt Sally(Una Stubbs) Any child would like the series. It showed on British tv in the late 70s and early 80s. Worzel is supposed to be looking after scatterbrook farm and comes to life and talks. The two Peters children are friends of Worzel's. He was always getting into trouble from the crowman for not being at his post and always wanted a cup of tea and a slice of cake. Its now Available to buy on VHs and Dvd over here in the uk.

One this Worzel loves is Aunt Sally who always wanted to better herself. Its a pitty its not shown anymore as the children today would like it.
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The Lost World (2001 TV Movie)
great british series
28 December 2001
An Edwardian Professor and a team go to South America where they think that dinosaurs live. The Lost World BBC tv series is great its like Jurassic park but a little better with good graphics the people who made walking with dinosaurs and walking with beasts did this excellent series and used them.. I think Peter Falk was great and Bob Hoskins. I especially liked the part where a young man went right up to a baby dinosaur and offered it a leaf plant. For tv series made over two hours cut into two parts it was very interesting and some parts have you jumping a bit with no warning of whats to come so if you haven't seen this great British tv series do if you like Jurassic park then you will like this one.
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I Was a Rat (2001– )
great British/ Canadian series
9 December 2001
a young boy called Rodger is convinced that he is actually a rat and lives down a sewer,he remembers being at the palace as a footman and seeing a lovely young girl called Lady Aurelia who captures the heart of the prince. But Rodger remembers her as being a Servant girl called Mary Jane who is kind to him when he was a rat. Rodger lives with an Irish couple Mrs Jones(Brenda fricker) Edward Fox is great as well in the series as some gentleman who lives at the palace, young Rodger eats anything he can lay his hands on chairs, tables and even pencils, the mini series is great and children will love its a nice Sunday tea time slot here in the U.K it is made jointly with the BBC and Canada. the title is called When I was a Rat, so anyone who loves dramas or fairly tales this is one for you.
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Strange Relations (2001 TV Movie)
great must see
24 November 2001
a great film of a an American businessman who finds that he is adopted and needs a bone marrow transplant for his cancer, but he must go to england to find his birth mother, I thought mad about you star Paul Risser was great in the part and Julie Walters as his mother. As an American he had to see what does go on in england but calling a council house a house near a dust bid got me as over here not many can afford, private houses but it made me laugh in places. I liked it when he met his brothers and fell for his brother's wife, so if you want to see this film want a laugh see this one an American businessman seeing where he was born and his birth mother lives in Liverpool and getting use to their ways, and British ways.
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Victoria & Albert (2001 TV Movie)
great mini series
8 September 2001
I thought for an August bank holiday it was nice to see the mini series Victoria and Albert I liked the way Jonathan Firth and Victoria hamilton played the royal couple if anyone likes royalty then this is for you and I do reccomend it.
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Lorna Doone (2000 TV Movie)
great bbc drama
30 December 2000
I thought Lorna Doone was great for the christmas holidays. it was different than the 1990 version,. this version added more to it you saw more of doone valley and the evilness of carver doone some of the scenes were the same, but a lot longer. 170 mins put into two parts. Richard Coyle did a great john ridd. a lot of fighting in it and romance so if you haven't seen it do.
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Alice in Wonderland (1999 TV Movie)
23 April 2000
I have seen the film it was shown over the easter weekend here and it's great i have seen many of the different versions when I was a child but this one is great the puppets and special effects in just two hours they managed to get two books in and it wasn't that much different to the version made in the 1970's except that one was musical,but it's just the same except for the new bits added on to the story.
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