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Dynamic portrayal of Martial arts legend Mas Oyama, 27 June 2000

In the 2nd of his Historical Martial Arts films, Chiba portrays his real life sensei Mas Oyama. The film even recreates Oyama's incredible feat of killing a raging bull with his bare hands (Oyama did this feat over 50 times in real life). Dynamic fight choreography featuring authentic Kyokushinkai techniques. Ironically this is one of the rare Sonny Chiba films in which he DOESN'T tear out or rip off body parts of opponents. A must see for Sonny Chiba fans definitely one of his top 5 films

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Sonny Chiba as Doshin So, 27 June 2000

Sonny Chiba as Doshin So,Originator of Shorinji Kempo. This was Chiba's first of two portrayals of a real life martial arts masters ( His portrayal of his Sensei Mas Oyama in "The Champion of Death" being his second). Incredible fight scene choreography featuring authentic shorinji kenpo techniques, though of course it wouldn't be a Sonny Chiba film without his removal of body parts of several opponents. The plot involves life in postwar Japan in which Doshin So comes to the aid of numerous war orphans as well as a young girl who is forced to become a prostitute to survive. The film also features Sue "Sister Streetfighter" Shiomi, a mainstay in many Chiba Films as well as a talented martial artist herself. Sonny Chiba shows much love and respect for the history of his chosen arts as well as his former Senseis (he has a black belt in shorinji kempo as well as Mas Oyamas kyokushikai karate). I rank this film as #3 in Chiba's top 5 films, a must see for Chiba fans and martial arts enthusiasts alike.

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Well meaning liberal social worker tries to reform street-hardened pimp., 22 April 2000

Long before the WWF's "Godfather", Willie Dynamite proved without a doubt that "Pimpin ain't easy!" Available on video at most BlockBuster Videos'. Not the quintessential "pimp flick" that "The Mack" w/Max Julian or the humorous romps of the "Dolemite" films; but not as dreary as say "The Candy Tangerine Man".

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Two brothers emigrate for better life, fall into disfavor with local crime boss, 22 April 2000

Also starring the Infamous Chen Sing, veteran kung fu action star of many 70's martial arts classics from Hong Kong. Most Definitely one of the BLOODIEST kung fu films of the genre. It most certainly lives up the the title. Alan Tang is a pretty boy (I hate that!) and the fight scenes aren't choreographed with the grace of say a Bruce Lee or Sonny Chiba film but have more of a raw anything goes street fight feel to them; as evidenced by the WIDE array of weapons used in this film as well as the standard hand to hand sequences. Very nice makeup effects!