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Ausgerechnet Zoé (1994) (TV)
Probably one of the most authentic films dealing with this subject!, 3 November 2006

A very good movie. A very important movie. Maybe one of the wackiest, but nevertheless - or just because of this - most authentic AIDS-movies at all! Showing the whole story and especially the reactions of the main character to the "bad news" from a different point of view is what makes this one special.

Though we have seen Nicolette (despite some pretty juicy lines) more adorable in others, in this kind of picture she still is the best choice for her part one can think of. A mostly well-chosen supporting cast and fair direction rounds it out.

Highly recommended.

Catwoman (2004)
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If she just wouldn't have ..., 18 August 2004

Rating before haircut: 8/10 (Have never, NEVER seen her SO beautiful and attractive before!)

Rating after haircut: 3/10 (When the hair fell, so did the quality of acting and direction.)

Nothing more to say.

Why didn't they just continue like the first half hour? What a shame!      

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I'd love to see that again starring Amy Jo Johnson ..., 28 June 2004

Rated this one 8/10, which for me is absolutely exceptionally as a TV movie rating, but it was well written (consequent ending), well directed (not too pathetic, as otherwise usual) and played more serious and substantial than the mainstream TV stuff.

I liked Swoosie Kurtz and especially John Ashton as the parents, showing how perceptions can change during the development of a storyline surely being found like this in many, many average family environments.

Courtney Peldon did a good job as well – but as I said above, I wonder what the marvelous Amy Jo Johnson has made out of it in Perfect Body (1997) (TV).

Terrific Start, Solid Progress, Poor Ending., 18 May 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This flick opens on a surprisingly strong 9-star-level (until the opening credits) and holds at least a respectable 8-star-level until about the middle.

But then, incomprehensible to me, it crashes more and more often because of absolutely unnecessary foolish and imbecile actions of several characters, especially when Ana (SPOILER) get's back to Steven to fetch the boat key: Couldn't you just stand around there just a little longer, gazing at the scenery and the rapidly approaching zombie pack, could you? Hello-oo?? The consequences of her incongruous dullness at that moment made me really angry. Nothing comparable to this happened during the first half.

This gives the impression that the cast & crew, in the course of the making of this movie, ran out of time, money, skills, creativity and genius. Though this disappointed me a lot, it still deserves an overall 8/10 rating, since it's outstanding in spite of everything.

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Questionably Underrated, 8 February 2004

I gave it 7/10, but was close to give it even 8/10. In nine out of ten cases, my vote doesn't differ more than 1 point from the IMDb rating, so WTH is wrong with this movie that it deserves a lousy average of 5/10?

The Bachelor was one of three or four movies I liked Renée Zellweger best in, Peter Ustinov and especially James Cromwell were hilarious, and Brooke Shields did the greatest performance I've ever seen of her. It was entertaining, amusing and never dull or tedious. The wicked "Bride's Hunt" will be one thing of thousands of movies I will always remember, and most notably I appreciated it's sarcastic and undisguised humor. The movie didn't pretend to be something it is not, as so many others try to.

The only thing I didn't like about it was the cast of Chris O'Donnell for the main leading role, but he's never been a great actor anyway. Maybe this is the only reason why I didn't rate it 8/10.

Thirteen (2003)
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Made Evan Rachel Wood being my favorite actress!, 19 November 2003

From this very day on that I finally watched "Thirteen" (wasn't released around here until last week) I'll definitely call Evan Rachel Wood my overall favorite actress! Forget about Amanda, forget about Hillary -- yeah, even forget about the gorgeous Natalie and the fascinating Anna ... Evan Rachel has it all, and she'll outact all of them in the future, if she didn't already in the past.

During most of the time when I was watching this truly impressive flick I was rather going to rate it "only" 7/10 as the directing wasn't completely convincing and the script had some flaws, but then at last I gave it a 8/10 after all, because of its uncompromising, yet unforced toughness and intriguing authenticity. It also had a slightly unsatisfying open end, but eventually this fitted the whole picture.

Even though Ms. Wood did by far the best acting job in this movie, Holly Hunter was really great as well. No need to mention that she received an Academy Award with good reasons.

And needless to say that Evan Rachel Wood will follow her suit ... and that she unquestionably is the most beautiful girl in the world!

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An exact remake - they even copied the goofs!, 9 May 2002

Just a few days ago I watched Les Fugitivfs (1986) on TV again, after having seen it already at the cinema when it was originally released around here in the late 80s.

Today I happened to view the American version for the first time, and I noticed they didn't only follow the original plot, but also made use even of the original screenplay - yet without being able to get across the charming atmosphere, romance and suspense of the French original.

However, it still is a routinely played and entertaining little comedy, but if you are into that kind of movies or if you liked this one, I really recommend to watch out for the original with Gérard Depardieu and Pierre Richard!