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The best TV show in the history of our sport., 27 August 2002

If it hadn't been for Nitro, we'd still be watching midcarders winning squash matches on WWF/WWE television (taped four weeks in advance).

In the last couple of years it was on TV, the critics were quick to pan Nitro, but if you look at tapes of that era (arguably its worst) and compare it to the fare dished out be the McMahon clan, you'll be wishing it was the other of the "Big Two" that folded.

WrestleMania XIV (1998) (TV)
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The beginning of the upswing for the WWF, 24 February 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

[Warning: SPOILERS for match results. --Otto "Hack-Man" Heuer]

Following are the results of the WWF Wrestlemania XIV pay-per-view event held on March 29, 1998 in Boston, MA.

1. The reunited Legion of Doom (in new costume) won the 15 tag team battle royale, eliminating the Midnight Express. --Sunny was managing LOD

Sunny's outfit was nice.

LOD look really, really, old. They're apparently trying to grown their hair out, but that only shows that Hawk has a bald spot (which wasn't apparent before since he had the two stripes of hair on either side of it).

No surprises in this match, other than the fact that it was a clean win. I was expecting Sunny to interfere.

Second worst match of the night.

-- LOD earn title shot at IYH: Unforgiven in April

2. TAKA Michinoku d. Aguila

-- Michinoku retains WWF Light-Heavyweight title

Second best match of the night. The crowd was DEAD, though. TAKA has some nice moves. This is the first I had seen of either wrestler.

3. Hunter Hearst Helmsley d. Owen Hart

-- HHH retains WWF European title

-- Chyna threw powder at Sgt. Slaughter, allowing her to interfere

I'm sure we'll be treated to a Sarge vs Chyna match in a month or two. It can be a chin vs chin match or something.

This is the first time I've seen Chyna since her implants. It's an improvement.

Somewhere in here Gennifer Flowers interviewed The Rock. Geez. He's sure improved since his Rocky Miavia days. Hearing him refer to himself so often in the third person gets annoying real fast though. Flowers asked him lots of questions about how he would lead the country. He had lots of good lines (that I don't remember) and then said something like "I'd uphold the strong oral values... sorry, MORAL values..."

4. Marc Mero & Sable d. Goldust & Luna Vachon in a mixed tag team match

-- Sable pinned Luna following a TKO, she also executed a good powerbomb during the match.

I was surprised that Sable actually pulled off three wrestling moves in her first match. Geez... Marc Mero looks different since the last time I saw him. Especially his hair. I probably wouldn't have recognized him if he hadn't been with Sable. I don't really like Luna's new hair, but it's nice to see she got rid of some of the painted on lines from her face.

Somewhere in here Pete Rose came out and did a GREAT heel schtick on the stick as he put down Boston baseball fans. Kane came out and tombstoned him. Rose sold it great. He sure earned his $25,000.

5. Rocky Maivia d. Ken Shamrock via reversed decision

-- Shamrock had won by submission, but was then DQ'd for not releasing the anklelock and attacking several officials

-- Maivia retains WWF Intercontinental title

Better match than I expected. One of the two juiced hardway with a broken nose or something. I had never seen Shamrock, and the last time I saw Rocky--he sucked.

6. Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie d. Billy Gunn & Road Dawg in a dumpster match

-- Gunn and Dawg were placed in a dumpster via a forklift

-- Cactus & Charlie win WWF Tag Team titles

Match of the night. High spot was when Cactus "found" an eight foot stepladder under the ring, set it up in the ring, climbed up it to drop an elbow on one of the NAO, but was met by the other NAO who was climbing up the other side. Funk got whipped into the side of the ladder, which tipped over, sending CJ and an NAO over the top rope into the dumpster (which was filled with at least cardboard and maybe other padding).

This match would have made ECW proud.

7. Undertaker d. Kane

-- Several tombstones were executed throughout the match

-- Kane tombstoned UT on a chair post-match, but UT recovered and left on his own

Worst match of the night. It was 17 minutes of rest holds. The only high spot I called about 10 to 20 seconds before it happened (Undertaker falling off the ring apron and through the Spanish announcers' table).

8. Steve Austin d. Shawn Michaels

-- Mike Tyson counted the pinfall, indicating a double-cross of DX by Tyson. Tyson would proceed to knock out Michaels after Michaels threw a punch at him

-- Austin wins WWF World title

No surprises here, since Shawn is taking 9+ months off to heal.

I called the ref bump about 20 to 30 seconds before it happened. I could have done without seeing SCSA pull down Michaels' tights, though. Euuuuuwwww... I was kinda expecting Syxx to show up, but he'll probably be at Raw tomorrow. Michaels didn't take many bumps and really looked like he was in pain.