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Yeehaa or yeeno?, 1 October 2003

This is not another series about two handsome Dixie boys eh? Yes it is. They drive around in a fancy looking but orange painted Dodge Charger called "General Lee", and have a hot chick cousin named Daisy. They're usually chase by the country's stupid sheriff and his equally stupid deputy who do this because they were told so by the county commissioner Boss Hogg, a fat, greedy money-obsessed guy who hates the Dukes because of... reasons you 'll discover while watching it. The moral and wise lessons, the humour and action are all there together with Tom Wopat and John Schneider's unearthly good looks you'll have plenty of reasons to watch at least ONE episode... And last but not least: the CAR's the STAR!!! (I liked it but PLEASE this is not an EXCELLENT series from the early eighties, OKAY?)

Ghost Ship (2002)
Action-packed-shocking-bloody-creepy-movie, 4 January 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hmm, I don't really have much to say. "Ghost Ship" was not bad. It was quite a trill. It was shocking, bloody, creepy. It was horror, and maybe a little bit more than your average horror movie - thanks to the fantastic CGI-effects movie makers can add to their movies. My favourite actors were Julianna Marguies en Emily Browning, playing my favourite two characters: (Maureen) Epps en Kathie. Action is present most of the time, and while watching, the viewer will suddenly feel this uncontrollable desire to unfold the mystery of the Antonia Graza. It is kept a close secret, that is for sure! (COULD THIS BE A) SPOILER? I think the friendship that grows between Kathie and Epps is one of the most touching events to occur during the movie - without mentioning the "spectacular" end, well, you need to see that for yourself. I just want to say: compare it to the ending of "The Haunting" and you'll probably know what I mean. And last but not least: this movie supports one hell of a soundtrack!!!

Amazing story - incredible movie, 27 December 2002

Let me start by saying: I've NEVER read a book of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. When I bought the DVD, I didn't even know who was who and what the movie was really about. So far, I was like, a stranger walking around Middle Earth. But after seeing the Extended Special Edition (which includes 30 minutes of extra material, but I can only guess which scenes since I never saw it in theatres), I could only think:

Waw, what an amazing story, what an incredible movie - worthy of the name epic, worthy of the title BEST movie of 2001. And as sure as I am about this one, I can already feel that the second and third part of the Trilogy will be just as good. This is fantasy for young and old, something you can't really say about Harry Potter. I think Peter Jackson did a great job making this movie and last but not least: the cast is absolutely perfect.

"M*A*S*H" (1972)
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It was good while it lasted... in this case: too long!!!, 25 December 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

SPOILER ALERT!!! (just a few, don't worry too much) M*A*S*H is certainly one of the best tv-series ever made BUT it's too long. Eleven darn seasons, you can imagine things to go horribly wrong after such a long period, right? M*A*S*H rocked from season 1 to 4, but everything after that was (co)written/directed/made up by Alan Alda, and, let's be honest: he made a mess out of it! We don't need weeping soldiers, crying over lost limbs and shocking war experiences, we don't need to be told episode after episode that war is a bad thing, WE WANT PLAIN HUMOUR!!!

And yes, I do regret Trapper John's replacement: BJ is ok, but he cannot beat Trapper. And Radar, oh why did he have to go... He gave the show that little extra, you know, I can't really explain but it's a sad thing, that's for sure. Hawkeye has always been my favorite, and even during the later seasons I tried to stay hooked, but it was a fact: the laughter had died out. Anyway, the first two seasons are available on DVD, that's a good thing, eh?

Dragons... and that's ALL, 23 November 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Dragons, and that's ALL this movie has to offer. The way the dragons are behaving, flying, the sounds... it's all really cool and really ok. But now comes what's not-so-cool-and-certainly-NOT-ok!!!

1) The dialogues are worser than worse. I mean, hèllo, this is a movie for people who are aged 13+. In my eyes, they aren't kids anymore. You SHOULD be able to write a bit more catchy and less boring dialogues than this, right?

2) Where's the point? Killing dragons is easy, but you cannot expect the audience to be interested in that topic for TWO hours???

LITTLE SPOILER: Here's what I don't get: when young Quinn releases a medieval dragon in one of the deep underground caves, it is clear that for the moment that dragon was the only living dragon on earth. But years later, those fire breathing, ash-eating, flying monsters are all over the place! Ok, ok we're nearly there... Hang on. So one moment, Van Zan tells Quinn that there's one male dragon which impregnates all the females (so, all the other dragons are females ). Okay, if THAT male was the one that Quinn discovered, how can there be an army of dragons??? He can't have possibly laid an egg or so? That's a suitable theory for sci-fi classics as the Alien Saga, but DRAGONS? I suppose if is was a FEMALE, it might have been believable, yet, she would have to carry impregnated eggs, thus, eggs containing DRAGON EMBRYOS. And since we don't know any of this, I think it is the biggest goof of the movie.

OR: I might be really wrong...

Anyway, if you like dragons, buy the DVD/VHS at any rate.

Excellent entertainment!, 24 August 2002

This was the first time ever I watched South Park. And I LOVED it! During the part where the boys are watching the notorious 'Terrance & Phillip'movie, I've laughed so hard I fell out of the sofa. That explains enough, doesn't it? I mean, it was so extremely funny I just couldn't stop laughing. If it wasn't for the language used in this movie, I guess everyone could just enjoy this piece of excellent entertainment, but because of the non-stop swearing it's just not suitable for children under the age of sixteen.

Although my feelings towards the whole concept of the movie are quite positive,although I must say that Trey Parker and the writers shouldn't have made the Canadians so obviously ridiculous. And I also think that the 'war against Canada' must have upset the Canadian audience ( a bit ). Maybe not, but as a Canada-fan, I didn't really like it.

The scenes with Saddam and Satan are hilarious but tend to get boring after a while (sigh) and Kenny's ghostly appearance was incredibly funny. Oh yes, how can I possibly forget about the SONGS? Man, that was SO BIG! It all starts with this lame, stupid song about South Park's spotless reputation as a normal, lovely, boring, etc. mountain town. Then there's the unforgettable song in "Asses of Fire", sung by Terrance & Phillip, and after that we get these filty, cruel sing-a-longs performed by the kids of South Park. You should especially pay attention to Cartman's song about Kyle's ( or was it Stan? I always mix them up! ) Mom. And that's all I've got to say about "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut".


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Looks like Tomb Raider but it's okay, 23 March 2002

So this is really like Tomb Raider on your screen but ehm, it's quite good. Yes there are some very good locations to see throughout the series and the must-have objects are sometimes very interesting. I could even say that some have an actual historical value and/or seem to come close to their existing counterparts - I hope I'm not making it too difficult to understand? am I? And of course: Sydney's not alone (she's got her loyal partner Nigel) and she too has her share of enemies. A real relic hunter knows the name of the game! You've got to watch this series - if you can...! 9/10

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MUCH better than the first movie!!!, 8 March 2002

I've seen Ghostbusters ( the first movie ) too, but the sequel just ROCKS!!! I mean, it's much better because the plot is definitely improved, the events that take place ( the interaction with the ghosts ) and the eh... well just about everything seems to be improved. Yeah, I still enjoy this movie. Dan Aykroyd is a hell of an actor, but the same goes for Bill Murray and Harold Ramis. Seeing Sigourney Weaver as the 'normal' victim of evil paranormal activities is a nice change, cause I started to think of her as the PERFECT Alien eliminator, haha. Anyway, you should really try to see this movie, just for fun, just for the love of watching good movies. It is a classic and it shall be remembered as maybe the only sequel that is way better than it's predecessor. ****1/2 out of *****

"Alias" (2001)
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The best on TV (for now...), 8 March 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

THIS CAN CONTAIN A EHM SPOILER: The series has an incredible array of good actors (Jennifer Garner, Victor Garber,etc.) and a really excellent soundtrack. And the episodes' writers are talented, I tell you. It seems that that when something goes well one minute it can end up really bad the next minute, but the ending, that's so great each time, I don't tell what exactly but you'll see what I mean. I looooove it, this should travel all around the world, so everyone can enjoy it!!!! "Alias" is exactly what a good TV series should be like, yessir. Good series: 10/10

Comedy and action do mix, this the prove!, 8 March 2002

Dan Aykroyd and John Cusack together, I've always wondered what that would be like... and boy does the result feel good. "Grosse Pointe Blank" is not about only firing bullets, hiding your identity, doing your job and in the meanwhile attend a high school reunion, no, it's a first class comedy with a tons of action. It's incredible, it's okay. The village of Grosse Pointe is a small but nice place, the characters actually don't belong there, but the actions that take place are funny, but not the average Schwarzenegger-style murders. The relationship between Cusacks character, Martin Blank and his long lost girlfriend Debi is a big deal in this movie. But eh, what will become of them? Oh yes, you must see this movie. ***1/2 out of *****

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