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Half Baked (1998)
Laughed my butt off!!
11 September 2000
I read an anonymous posting that absolutely shredded this movie and couldn't believe it. I personally thought Half Baked was hilarious, as have most all my friends. I don't expect EVERYONE to like it, especially those looking for very cerebral/high humor, but most will. If you just want to enjoy a good laugh and simply be entertained, I definitely suggest this movie. I laughed pretty much non-stop from the beginning of the movie all the way to the end. And you don't need to know someone who's smoked pot or want to smoke it yourself for it to be funny, as some have's simply a funny movie. I will say this though, if you've ever known anyone who HAS smoked pot, then the movie moves from hilarious into the realm of your stomach and jaw aching from laughing so much and so hard.
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