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The Pentagon Wars (1998) (TV)
Sad but true, 20 February 2017

Some of the posters couldn't seem to grasp that the comedy was not in the way the movie was scripted but in the acts of many of those responsible for the design of the Bradley. It was a comedy of errors that only two people wanted to correct and were fought tooth and nail, all the way. General Smith put it the most accurately when Lt. Col. Burton asked him to whom the enemy was when he said "To majors who want to be colonels, to colonels who want to be generals, to generals who want that fourth star, you bet we are the enemy! Nobody moves up without getting things done! So what you don't want to be is the one who drops the ball, 'cause if you're the one who drops the ball: no promotion! no star! no cushy job with a contract when you retire!" No one wants to be that person to throw a monkey wrench into the process and all too often, we see our leaders putting their own interest ahead of those whose lives depend on their equipment. The story in the movie about the M-16 rifle was a perfect example.

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Horrible, 21 February 2015

I'd give it a 0 out of 10 rating but it won't let me. The acting was awful and not funny. The laugh track was very annoying and overused. I am a big fan of the movie and the TV series from the early 70's. I even enjoyed The New Odd Couple remake with Demond Wilson and Ron Glass, though that was short lived so when it was announced there would be yet another remake, I looked forward to it. Boy, was I ever disappointed and I had to force myself to watch the complete pilot but won't be coming back to watch any of the next 6 episodes. I think even CBS knows it is going to bomb, that's why they only filmed 7 episodes. The person I feel sorry for is Neil Simon, because his name is attached as the creator, even though he may have absolutely nothing to do with the making of this show. If I was him, I would be calling CBS begging for them to take my name off the credits!

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Terrific movie, 23 March 2013

I've been reading many of the reviews and comments here and the message boards by many who just don't get it or seem to have a sense of humor. I first saw this movie at the drive-in when I was a young boy. My parents didn't have to keep telling us to cover our eyes unlike the movies of today. You look at many of the movies like Ghostbusters, Click etc. where they just had to stick in inappropriate scenes unlike the family movies back in those days.

You also have to place yourself during the middle of the Cold War in the 60's when the belief was that all Russians were evil and wanted to destroy us. Even a cartoon like Rocky & Bullwinkle, with the characters Boris and Natasha, was teaching us the Russians were evil and this movie comes around showing they are as human as the rest of us and pokes fun as to the paranoia and suspicion that let's everyone's minds run away from them.

I guess I'm old fashioned though because I just don't get today's movies which runs short on a plot and reality and just can't help with all the CGI, massive explosions and massive gunfights.

The Call (2013/II)
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Save your money, 22 March 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Are the days gone when Hollywood could turn out a good movie and not fill it with a bunch of cliché's and utter ridiculous? I too was looking forward to seeing this movie after seeing the trailers but was very disappointed. A young girl calls 911 because of someone breaking into her residence. An officer is immediately dispatched and in a large metropolitan area it's taking 8-10 minutes to get there? The girls house is rather big and dark but of course the suspect goes right to the bedroom she's hiding in then when he hears the phone from downstairs, he pinpoints it right back to that room and under the bed? You also have a major police department with a large communications center. You have separate people who take the 911 phone calls and type in the information which is then transmitted to the separate and actual dispatchers but here we had Halle Berry doing both. And does it instantly go dark in California at a certain time? The officers are at the suspects residence and determine he has a cabin in the woods. It's still light out but when they raid the cabin, it's completely dark. Did they stop off to have dinner first, get caught up in rush hour traffic, the helicopter and it's thermal imaging system was in the shop?

Then the most ridiculous part was Berry showing up herself and checking the cabin then when realizing this is the location he was calling from, does she call 911 or her boyfriend? Nope, she has to investigate further and of course,she has to drop her phone but rather than getting in her car and driving to the nearest checkpoint, she has to be the hero then vigilante. God I miss the movies of my generation!

"Vegas" (2012)
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Not going to last, 2 October 2012

I really wanted to like this show because Dennis Quaid, Jason O'Mara and Michael Chiklis are in it but it's a little too far fetched. A ranger is plucked from his ranch and becomes instant sheriff? I can picture the ACLU and Justice Department being all over someone like this if they existed in real life, the way he walks around with his unlawful use of force, entering property without a warrant etc. I can also imagine what seeing 3 cowboys with rifles entering a casino will do for the tourism.

Then you have the brother and son walking around, asking suspects questions etc., what experience and authority do they have? Has anyone ever heard of the U.S. Constitution that even existed in 1960? It's like I'm watching Walking Tall meets Walker-Texas Ranger. I would say the only difference between these characters and the thugs is that these characters have a badge but I don't even remember seeing any of them wearing one. Maybe it would've worked better had the series been set in 1860 instead when the west was lawless in many of the territories, no ACLU to worry about.

There's just too many Hollywood clichés. I had expected far better from Dennis Quaid. I told the wife I would give it one more episode but I don't expect any improvements nor this show to last.

"NYC 22" (2012)
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Good series despite some issues, 31 July 2012

This is the only show I watch on network TV, which isn't saying much. It has that Jack Webb sense about it in which they show a more polished department and officers, which are always so helpful and has the time to dedicate to the little stuff and solves every crime. These officers are not rookies, they're supercops, able to solve every crime in a single bound or should I say....60 minutes! It does give you a slight insight of the people real police officers have to deal with on a daily basis and the emotions they must feel, now only if they could develop sensorsmell for the TV. It'll have you fleeing your homes.

I was disappointed with one episode in which it looked like the series was heading for most of the officers to start having relations with their partners or other officers in the same precinct. This is why I only watched NYPD Blue for a couple of seasons, it was turning into a soap opera just as ER did and all these other drama's. Why the writers in Hollywood have to ruin these shows is beyond me but if they continue down that path with NYC 22, it'll last as long as Brooklyn South. And for us old fogies, can you lose the opening theme song?

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Terrible, 20 June 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

My wife rented this movie last week and had I seen it in the theaters, I would've walked out because it was that bad. I know this character has issues but he was just annoying throughout the whole movie and the way he was portrayed just ruined the whole thing. I kept asking myself as to why the mother wasn't getting him professional help because his character certainly needed it.

The premise of the movie in finding what the key went to and how he eventually tracks down the owner was really far fetched. Also, if this was real life, someone should be calling Child Protective Services on the mom because her young son is out walking the streets alone and she doesn't know where he is at all times? I guess he's the male version of Dora the Explorer.

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Very good movie, 24 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Cliff Gorman and Joe Bologna play 2 cops but they can be just about anyone else in any profession. Just 2 guys trying to make a living and support their families in the craziness of New York City. Even though they are corrupt, you can't help but feel sorry for them because all they are trying to do is survive. We soon find out that everyone else is just as corrupt, from the grocery store manager who justifies walking out of the store each day with a sack of groceries as a "prerogative of my managerial position", to the executive and his secretary at a Wall St. securities firm padding the amount stolen so they can keep a little for themselves to the crooked mobsters who weren't going to let anyone keep the money in return for the stolen bonds.

This was just a nicely made, lighthearted movie with a good cast of actors and takes us back to the 70's. There's no sex scenes, no wild ridiculous explosions, no actors doing the physically impossible, no computer generated graphics, just a nice clean (and corrupt) movie. It's movies like this that Hollywood needs to go back and remember a time that you had quality, and not quantity with the garbage they are throwing into them today.

I would like to see this movie released in Blu Ray and with the scenes added that regular DVD version cut.

Red Tails (2012)
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One of the worst!, 22 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Horrible movie which did the same for The Tuskegee Airmen (1995) that Pearl Harbor did for Tora! Tora! Tora! Watching the movie, I felt like I was watching a Playstation game. The computer generated graphics were so unreal looking, unlike past WWII movies like Memphis Bell, Flags of our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima. I expected far better from George Lucas but he made it look as if I was watching another of his Star Wars movies and his pilots were attacking the Death Star. There was also just too much unrealism like the P-40's appearing far superior to the ME 109's when in reality, it was the other way around. Or the four P-40's attacking the Luftwaffe base and practically destroying the whole base with little damage to themselves. Or the P-51 attacking the German destroyer causing massive explosions all throughout the ship, not to mention that by 1944, German surface ships were pretty much non-existent. And the B-17 bomber was a tough airplane and not brittle like the movie made it to be with wings sawed in half from enemy bullets. I also couldn't buy one of the white POW's who escaped with one of the Tuskegee airman (Junior), showing up at Ramstein air base to give them back Junior's dog tags then later on, Junior appearing back at the base. They were also very heavy with the touchy feely music throughout the movie.

The history of the Tuskegee Airmen is a great story to tell but this movie did a disservice and all too predictable. It's just too bad that movies drawn from historic events cannot be portrayed that way and instead, have to be Hollywoodized! This must've been a major disappointment for Cuba Gooding Jr., who starred in The Tuskegee Airmen.

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Great show, 10 November 2011

Barney Miller is my favorite show of all times. It's too bad that this show is locked away in some studio vault rather than being shown as re-runs. Unlike M*A*S*H, which started to get dry past the 1976 season and focused less on comedy and more on leftist views, Barney Miller got better. Although it was completely unrealistic in the way detectives work, handling calls that patrol officers, not detectives handle, it was very realistic into the type of people that police officers deal with on a daily basis and the human emotions that go along with it. The show continued to stay solid, despite losing some excellent regular cast members like Gregory Sierra (reasons unk), Abe Vigoda(TV show Fish) and Jack Soo(passed away). My fault with the show is that they brought in so many new detectives that you came to like but were gone after a few episodes - Detectives Wilson, Licori, Wentworth, Battista and Dorsey, but it's still not enough to diminish my feelings about what a great show this was and I still enjoy watching it on DVD today, as I did on regular TV when it first aired.

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