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Very funny, 16 April 2001

This is the funniest short film I've ever seen! It's about 4 boys who meet Jesus and he asks them where the mall is. Jesus and Santa meet face to face and fight to settle what the real meaning of christmas is. Meanwhile, the boys watch and wonder what some Brian guy would do. This film is very funny. The 1991 verson pretty much sucked. This short is very funny, and I think any one who likes South Park, should watch it.

I give it an A+ (a perfect 10)

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Very good movie., 30 November 2000

Left Behind is a very cool christian movie. My mom was reading the books, and I got to watch the movie. I liked it so much, I just started reading the book. I think their little film project is a good idea. I think the movie should be a box office hit!

My rating: A+

"Jackass" (2000)
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This is the funniest show ever made!!, 27 November 2000

"Jacka--" is, without a doubt, the funniest show ever created! I love the crap jokes. My friends and I talk about this show all the time. This show is better than the Tom Green show (Which people think Jack--- resembles). Mtv, whatever you do, do NOT cancel this show. This is the funniest show ever made!

Rating: A+

"Pelswick" (2000)
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Oooookay., 27 October 2000

If you have seen this show, you probably thought "This is weird". So did I. This show is good, but weird. The guardian angel character is weird. Pelswick's grandma is insane, but watching her in action is pretty entertaining. You might enjoy this show, but might think this show is weird.

I give this show a B.

Snow Day (2000)
A very Funny film! Nickelodeon's best!, 14 October 2000

At first I thought "Man, this film is gonna suck so bad!", I was wrong. The movie was so funny! Nickoldeon never made a film this funny. "The Rugrats movie" was a complete failure. I loved the Wayne character. The fart jokes were funny, Natalie's little brother was funny, the soundtrack's great. If you love winter comedies, or Nickelodeons T.V shows, you'll love Snow Day!

It give it an A.

Not what I expected., 5 August 2000

When I saw this film, I was a little disappointed. The film was rude, and disappointing.

This film was, in a way, like "Me Myself and Irene" (2000). A guy with a split personality, fighting for one woman. They were both rude and disappointing. I say Eddie Murphy should forget about a N.P.3

I give this movie a 5 out of 10. Rating: This film is okay.

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The best anime show on tv, EVER!!!, 24 June 2000

At first, I didn't like this show, but after a while, I started to love it. The intense action, the mild humer, this show is so cool!

I just can't wait until Dragon Ball GT is out in the USA. If it is, well, I Gotta look for that! I also gotta watch the movies!

Watch this show on Cartoon Network weekdays @ 5:00 pm, 4:00 central, And 12:30 at midnight, 11:30 central.

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When will this end?, 18 June 2000

When will Fox realize Power Rangers isn't popular anymore? Maybe never. If fox makes one more power rangers show, I'll freak out!

Fox, ENOUGH WITH THE POWER RANGERS! This is getting very, very, very annoying!!!

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Good, But not good enough., 29 May 2000

I rented this movie a few weeks after it's release. I thought this movie was okay. Yet, it was a little stupid!!! The film was also odd. Example: In the movie, Dr. Robotnick has 2 bombs, a turtle, and a hare.

If you like Anime movies that are odd, than rent this movie.

I give it a 5 out of 10.

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When I heard that cartoon network was making a show starring my favorite charactor of "Space Ghost C2C" (Brak), I had to check it out!

When I first saw it, I laughed my head off! I loved the "We're Buds" song. And that one rap done by Zorak. Cartoon Network made only 2 episodes. They really really should make more.

Cartoon Network, cancel "Toon Heads" and replace it with the brak show! I LOVE it! It's more exciting than eatin beans! (No offence, Brak!)

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