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This TRL reboot is just pathetic, 15 October 2017

The original trl was never that great to begin along the 1990's which started the downfall of music and entertainment and this new version of trl is even worse than that awful powerpuff girls remake from last year, none of these clowns have any talent, their hosting is awful, the DJ is pathetic, the lyrics are truly worthless, the editing is pathetic, I remember back in 1998, TRL at least as pathetic as original was, did long some good careers including Christina Aguilera, here in this reboot, it's all pathetic, truly dreadful and absolutely hopeless, there is absolutely nothing good about this reboot in my day of the week except the style, otherwise that is it, this is truly the worst TV show of the year, a truly miserable experience.

TRL is a big time failture of a reboot I'm giving it my lowest rating an F.

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All eyez on me should have all bored on this film, 16 June 2017

Now I enjoy those biopics for many years, the buddy holly story, straight outta Compton, Ray and a whole bunch of others, but this lifeless, mean-spirited hack of a mess brings nothing new to the table, not only it's a disgrace to the legacy of the great tupac shakur, it is an insult to anyone's intelligence, shipp jr is fine as tupac shakur, but the rest of the actors are terrible, the screenplay is an absolute mess, the story is out of control, the writing is predicable and the editing is silly, I Agree with Jada pinkett smith, this movie is a disaster, more life a lifetime TV movie then a movie itself, this movie is just a total disaster at all cost, what a joke, shame on everyone who is involved in this film I give it a D- one of the year's worst films.

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Smurfs: the lost village is just lost, 7 April 2017

Although I give credit for the smurfs, at least this disjointed effort to revive the smurfs franchise is not as truly dreadful as the smurfs live action films, but still pretty bad, very poor story, boring plots and silly acting voices, the smurfs first find a lost village and is battling gargamel as usual, none of the actors are interesting, the screenplay is a mess, the animation looks cheap and the editing is truly predicable, you know the smurfs hasn't been a good franchise since 1989 and after peyo's death in 1992 and this is another example of another failure and a big disappointment, just like power rangers and the rest, the smurfs: the lost village really shamed me.

I Give it a D.

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Power rangers flounders badly with this mess., 23 March 2017

You know when I was 12 years old, I saw power rangers, I thought the first 2 seasons (1993-95) represent splendid action, suspense and real characters, but once season 3 came it all went downhill and this movie is another example at how jumped the shark the power rangers franchise has become, the performances are awful, the story is completely and absolutely confusing, the screenplay is a mess and the editing is a trainwreck, now I love bryan Cranston he's always been a wonderful actor, but he is truly wasted in this one as zordon, a man who help 5 teens with their magical powers and their customs to save angel grove from monsters and the evil rita repulsa (played terribly by Elizabeth banks) and other nonsense, this is just a pathetic and useless attempt to revive the power rangers franchise, it is just awful, this is one of the year's worst films, no offense to my friend who is a power rangers fan, but this movie stinks.

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The Powerpuff girls remake should be powerpuffed to the ground, 25 December 2016

The original powerpuff girls was a classic back in the late 90's early 2000's it was funny and exciting and one of the hanna barbera's last big hits, but this remake is just dull, unfunny and totally unacceptable, the voices and performances are so bad it makes me so sad, I saw this remake several months and it was so stupid and it had less of the charm and style of the original that I almost turned it off, boring animation, boring characters, stillborn teleplay and everything else has brought me into the bathroom in what the hell reason, why would they turn another great classic from the past into a piece of crap like this just like the MacGyver remake and that was even worse, although this one is not nearly as bad, but close. this is very dull and disappointing remake I give it a d.

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Time to cancel this lame brained talk show, 25 December 2016

Now I love Robert Irvine and his cooking reality shows dinner and restaurant impossible, he had a style like no other despite controversy on the way, but as a talk show host? you can just forget it, dull acting, silly trashy sex talk, stupid teleplays, lame editing and everything is just so stupid it almost makes me cry, what in the hell is Robert Irvine thinking anyways, this thing is just lame and dull, it makes me wanna screw, the Robert Irvine show should get the ax in 2017 and I hope Robert Irvine returns to the food network, because as a talk show host, he is boring lifeless and so dull on every front you think everything is cute, well it is not, I give it a D+ one of the worst TV of the year.

"Madoff" (2016)
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Madoff is magnificent, 24 December 2016

Out of all of the great TV shows, mini series and TV movies this year, this has got to be the best one this year bar none, Richard dreyfuss in one of the best performances since the goodbye girl back in the 70's, where he won a Oscar for that role, plays Bernie Madoff a man who was sentence to 150 years in prison for tax for running a Ponzi scheme, the teleplay is one of the best teleplays in recent TV history and the performances are all wonderful as always, the writing is crisp, the pacing is great and the editing is marvelous, it's a shame that he wasn't nominated for a emmy for his whole, because he should have been, nevertheless this is definitely the best TV of 2016 bar none I give it my highest rating A+

"MacGyver" (2016)
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Macgyver flounders with masking tape, 23 September 2016

Maybe it was the chicken tenders I ate after seeing the remake of MacGyver, my stomach was feeling a little queasy, the feeling worsen as angus MacGyver used his pliers to save people from an airplane, but talk about an adventure TV show without chewing gum, MacGyver the remake of the 1985-92 classic is dead in the water the original MacGyver created by lee David zlotoff remains a classic adventure tale, the shows great action, great stories and performances by Richard Dean Anderson, Bruce McGill and the late dana elcar are forever ingrained in show lore the others lost treasures of atlantis and trail of doomsday may not be discussed keep in mind.

now the new MacGyver is in his 20's and is saving the world by using his brain and thinking power (including his ever present swiss army knife) if you call it that, George Eads from CSI is wasted here as his every loving sidekick, the remake is so idiotic, it makes you wanna scream for me, the acting is worthless, the story is convoluted bad and the cgi is an absolute mess.

this is a truly pathetic remake of a great classic, definitely the worst TV of the year and not much else I'm giving macgyer an F.

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Kevin can wait just needs to just wait a minute, 19 September 2016

Now I Love Kevin James he's a very funny and versatile comedian, he made a great hit called the king of queens and other stuff, but this lowbrow, lame brain unfunny comedy brings absolutely nothing but shame and self righteousness, Kevin James stars as a retired police officer who takes care of his name and his wife only to find out it's harder to take care of family then he does when he was a cop, despite some chuckles or two, this TV show is not funny at all, the performances are not good, there is no Jerry stiller, the teleplay is embarrassing and everything else is just unpolished nonsense, this show is no king of queens and never will be, want to see a better Kevin James sitcom see the king of queens on DVD or syndication this thing is as dull as a old man My grade for this show a D+

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ID4 Resurgence should have never been resurged from the beginning., 13 July 2016

Now back in 1996 the first independence day movie was the best film of 1996 and one of my all time favorite science fiction movies, something I haven't seen since the original star wars trilogy, but this sequel of this great film, you can just forget about it, because this thing is a pain in the ass, this idiotic lame brained sequel is so bad it makes the transformers sequels seem nice, thankfully will smith was smart to leave the film just like Roy scheider was smart to leave the jaws franchise after Jaws 2, Aliens attack major cities again and the humans have to fight back to save the world not much else, bill Pullman and the rest of the cast are truly wasted in this one, the story is pathetic, the screen party is ridiculous and the writing is poorly, the only good thing about this whole terrible picture is the great CGI effects, that's about it, this is a really boring and hapless piece of garbage that should have never been released.

one of the years worst films. I Give it a D+

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