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"MacGyver" (2016)
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Macgyver flounders with masking tape, 23 September 2016

Maybe it was the chicken tenders I ate after seeing the remake of MacGyver, my stomach was feeling a little queasy, the feeling worsen as angus MacGyver used his pliers to save people from an airplane, but talk about an adventure TV show without chewing gum, MacGyver the remake of the 1985-92 classic is dead in the water the original MacGyver created by lee David zlotoff remains a classic adventure tale, the shows great action, great stories and performances by Richard Dean Anderson, Bruce McGill and the late dana elcar are forever ingrained in show lore the others lost treasures of atlantis and trail of doomsday may not be discussed keep in mind.

now the new MacGyver is in his 20's and is saving the world by using his brain and thinking power (including his ever present swiss army knife) if you call it that, George Eads from CSI is wasted here as his every loving sidekick, the remake is so idiotic, it makes you wanna scream for me, the acting is worthless, the story is convoluted bad and the cgi is an absolute mess.

this is a truly pathetic remake of a great classic, definitely the worst TV of the year and not much else I'm giving macgyer an F.

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Kevin can wait just needs to just wait a minute, 19 September 2016

Now I Love Kevin James he's a very funny and versatile comedian, he made a great hit called the king of queens and other stuff, but this lowbrow, lame brain unfunny comedy brings absolutely nothing but shame and self righteousness, Kevin James stars as a retired police officer who takes care of his name and his wife only to find out it's harder to take care of family then he does when he was a cop, despite some chuckles or two, this TV show is not funny at all, the performances are not good, there is no Jerry stiller, the teleplay is embarrassing and everything else is just unpolished nonsense, this show is no king of queens and never will be, want to see a better Kevin James sitcom see the king of queens on DVD or syndication this thing is as dull as a old man My grade for this show a D+

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ID4 Resurgence should have never been resurged from the beginning., 13 July 2016

Now back in 1996 the first independence day movie was the best film of 1996 and one of my all time favorite science fiction movies, something I haven't seen since the original star wars trilogy, but this sequel of this great film, you can just forget about it, because this thing is a pain in the ass, this idiotic lame brained sequel is so bad it makes the transformers sequels seem nice, thankfully will smith was smart to leave the film just like Roy scheider was smart to leave the jaws franchise after Jaws 2, Aliens attack major cities again and the humans have to fight back to save the world not much else, bill Pullman and the rest of the cast are truly wasted in this one, the story is pathetic, the screen party is ridiculous and the writing is poorly, the only good thing about this whole terrible picture is the great CGI effects, that's about it, this is a really boring and hapless piece of garbage that should have never been released.

one of the years worst films. I Give it a D+

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2 Broke Girls is Alice without the charm and humor, 18 June 2016

I Remember a similar show called alice about a woman who works at a greasy spoon diner in Arizona after her husband died and that was great, but this one has two girls one who is dirt poor, the other wealthy and they work at a greasy spoon diner in new York and the results are so incredibly awful you almost cannot believe your eyes, the acting is truly stiff (including garrett morris who is wasted in this one), the storyline is lacking everything, the teleplay is just plain terrible and the diner set with a diner set and when you look back at the season 4 to 9 seasons of alice with the shiny stainless steel appliances, especially the refrigerator and mel sharples uniforms, that look, look so much better in that one then this one.

this show is as lame as it comes. one of the decade worst TV shows.

"Roots" (2016)
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Great reboot of a great classic, 30 May 2016

Back in 1977 alex haley and the cast changed the face of television and the world by introducing the miniseries roots featuring great acting and great storytelling, now it's been rebooted and it's great once again, it's a story about slavery and true honesty, Laurence fishbourne, forest whitaker and the rest of them including newcomer Malachi Kirby are all standouts in this one, brilliant characterization, brilliant teleplay and everything else was magnificent, you know television these days have become terrible that we need a reboot of a classic and this is a classic right, this reboot of roots is definitely the years best TV and perhaps the year's most controversial and I Give it my highest rating A+

Better than the rest of the b.s. reality TV shows out there, 15 May 2016

After years of so-called reality TV shows (amish mafia, here comes honey boo boo, etc) Unique whips has brought the reality TV back on life, Will castro is better than he was in unique whips, way better, as he and his crew do the finest work with great cars, especially the old school jeep and others, very stylish looks, beautiful setting and stylish camera work make this show a blast, i'm glad that will castro came back into the scene and the car business after the interest in car design and car building got replaced by car repossessing and towing (as much as I love lizard lick towing, south beach tow and operation repo), I think it's time for grown ups to take center stage, this is a great revival of the 2005-2008 hit unique whips and one of the years best shows.

I give it an A-

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Fuller House is even worse than the original, 27 March 2016

I totally agree with the critics on this show, this sequel series to the 1987-95 series is even worse than the original, it's pathetic, the story lines make no sense, the acting is over the top, the writing looks lost and the acting is terrible throughout, Candace Cameron bure looks too beautiful, too sophisticated and a little too old to reprise her role as DJ Tanner, a woman who has lost her husband and she has her sister and her best friend to take care of her and her three annoying kids, the only good thing about this dreadful show is the steve and dj love story, otherwise that is it, this is really bad TV show that will never work.

I Gave it a D- one of the worst TV of the year.

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Angel from hell should have gone to hell., 7 January 2016

Already the new year and already an early candidate on my list of the worst TV of 2016 and it's called angel from hell and it is so bad and so franticly unfunny on so many counts, it makes you wanna scream, now Jane lynch who is fine in glee and some other stuff is awful here as the angel from hell who watches over a woman name Allison fuller played embarrassingly here by Maggie Lawson forming an unlikely friendship, how pity that is and then she becomes truly annoying all the way through just like this piece of junk, angel from hell tries to the comedy version of CBS's former series touched by an angel (which was a drama by the way), but touched by an angel had talent, great acting and great stories, this TV show is just so stupid it makes you cry so hard, why did they even try to make this a good show who cares?

cause this show is not good to wipe your feet in

Angel from hell should have gone to hell and I Give it an F.

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Truth to be told is just untruthful, 8 November 2015

Truth be told is nothing more than a big time misfire from the star of saved by the bell and franklin bash and he is so awful in this mess as well

The series revolves around two diverse couples, who are best friends and neighbors. They share their observations about the world around them. The show centers around Mitch, a college ethics professor who is determined to change the part of the world he lives in today. Alongside Mitch is his wife of five years, Tracy, who is also an attorney and loving mom to their five-year-old daughter, Sadie. Right next door is Mitch's best friend, Russell, a stand-up comedian and often Mitch's voice of reason, and Russell's new wife Angie, a doctor, who always keeps him in check

The comedy is truly unfunny, not a single laugh in it, the editing is boring and the scripts are worthless

this is one of the year's worst TV shows and i'm giving it a D+

"Rosewood" (2015)
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Chestnut is wasted in this disjointed mess, 8 November 2015

Morris Chestnut is a wonderful actor in such stuff such as boyz n the hood, sadly he is wasted in this disjointly hapless crime drama that doesn't even try to be a drama, just worthless CSI Miami style material that doesn't even try to be good, chestnut plays a private pathologist in high demand in Miami solving murder cases the police can't solve, now the principal photography of Miami good, but that's about it, the teleplay is a mess, it goes absolutely nowhere, the writing is awful, the story gets downhill and the music is worthless, this is terrible TV show that sure to be on my of the worst TV of the year.

I Gave it a D.

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