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Julie Cialini as Annie in the '95 season is the reason to watch!, 8 July 2000

Admittedly, I've only seen the 1995 season with Julie Cialini as Annie the shop girl. But,she is the reason to watch. The series is set on the boardwalk off the beach. Rick Springfield and Yannick Bisson are brothers who own a surf shop. Springfield is an ex-cop. Together they solve mysteries and fight crime. Almost always there is at least one beautiful woman involved. One episode they help a bikini clad Denise Richards. But the highlight of the show is Playboy Playmate of the Year (1995) Julie Cialini and her micro-bikini wardrobe!

Taking the Heat (1993) (TV)
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Rachel York makes this worth watching., 7 July 2000

"Taking The Heat" would be utterly forgettable save for the appearance of the incredibly talented and beautiful Rachel York who plays Susan, a secretary. Rachel alone is worth the price of the film and your viewing time. I have to admit, I am a huge fan of Ms. York. And, after seeing her many times on stage and hearing her wonderful singing voice, her part in this film is not the best use of her marvelous talent. However, she does appear nude. And, aside from her acting and singing, Rachel is absolutely gorgeous! She is dark haired in this one. Usually she is blonde. I suggest you forward fast the tape just to see her scenes.

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Great overlooked horror gem!, 30 April 2000

Although most reviewers rate this low, I think this is a horror gem! It is loaded with atmosphere, having been filmed in a real middle-European castle. A group of travelers are stranded there during a blizzard at night as a werewolf picks them off one by one. Can they find out who the werewolf is in time? There are great scenes with the cast creeping around in catacombs. Although the monster is hardly seen, it leaves more for the imagination like the horror classics of old. Horror fans should not miss this one! AAAAA++++

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Pretty good by Monogram standards., 20 April 2000

A pretty good film by Monogram standards. However, the film's working title, "Mystery Mansion" would have been more appropriate. This film is more notable for the appearance of Keye Luke's brother, Edwin Luke, as No. 4 Son, Eddie Chan. (He was no actor!) This is also the first film in which Birmingham is identified as Chan's chauffeur.

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Pretty interesting and clever., 20 April 2000

Chan is after spies in a radio station. This is actually pretty interesting for a Monogram Chan film. This has a humorous comedy routine between Mantan Moreland and Ben Carter in which they never finish their sentences but they each know what the other is saying. Pretty funny and clever.

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Winter's first Chan is okay as Monogram Chan films go., 20 April 2000

This was the first Chan film with Roland Winters in the title role. It is a remake of Monogram's "Mr. Wong in Chinatown". This is okay as Monogram Chans go. The supporting cast is pretty good for this studio with Philip Ahn standing out. An interesting search for a mysterious "Captain K" makes it fun.

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Not very exciting., 20 April 2000

This is a Roland Winters' Monogram made Chan flick. It is a remake of their earlier "Mr. Wong, Detective". Neither version is very exciting. Winters is a very weak Chan, at best. Only Victor Sen Young and Mantan Moreland brighten the film. This is one of the films that has Young playing "No. 2 Son Tommy"! He used to be "No. 2 Son Jimmy". Tommy was Benson Fong and No. 3 Son. It is sort of an ongoing blooper in the later Monograms.

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Great title. Poor picture., 20 April 2000

The last Chan film made by Monogram and Roland Winters is a sad final bow for the great detective and great film series. The supporting cast is good for a Monogram picture. The best thing about it is that Keye Luke is back as Lee Chan. Great title. Poor picture! Sorry Charlie!

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Dreadful!, 20 April 2000

Dreadful Monogram Chan film with weak Roland Winters starring. The only item of interest is the paring of both Keye Luke (as Lee Chan) and Victor Sen Young (as Tommy Chan.) Set amidst Mexican pyramids, this is a boring poorly done film. It is sad that Luke and Young together didn't have a better script or budget.

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Watch a Warner Oland Chan instead!, 20 April 2000

Another great title let down by a poor script, low budget, and mostly bad acting. This film has Tim Ryan as police Lt. Mike Ruark, whom Chan calls, "Lt. Mike". Overall, it is annoying rather than endearing. Tim Ryan is credited with "additional dialogue". If only he came up with better words. Watch a Warner Oland Chan instead.

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