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The Best 30 Minute Show on Television, 28 November 2003

I just saw where ESPN's other "entertainment show" had several people commenting on it and I didn't want this one to feel slighted in the least. When ESPN announced they were debuting some new shows in 2002, I like many hard-core ESPN and sports fanatics, were skeptical to say the least. My skepticism turned to apathy when I heard Max Kellerman would be the host. From what I knew of Max, he would turn up every time a major bout took place in the world of boxing (and he is a regular on Friday Night Fights on ESPN), and I found him extremely annoying. Some may still after viewing the show, but I have done a 180 turn on Max. He is wonderful in his position as the host as he keeps it moving and manages to be funny and fresh as well. What really makes the show, however, is the panelists, who are journalist for major newspapers around the country. It is enlightening to get views on sports from different coasts and time zones from the men who cover it daily. After experimenting with several different panelists, they seem to have found 4 regulars and they are Woody Paige(Denver Post), Jay Mariotti(Chicago Sun-Times),Bill Plascke(Los Angeles Times),and Bob Ryan(Boston Globe). Michael Holley(Boston Globe),Kevin Blackistone(Dallas Morning News),J.A. Adande(Los Angeles Times),and Michael Smith(Boston Globe) also appear at times. Each one has their own characteristics and traits that make them unique. Woody's humor and mispronouncing of words make me smile after a long day, and Jay Mariotti is almost always right on the money in my opinion. These guys argue or debate topics in the sports and entertainment worlds and garner points for good answers,and are muted for bad ones. Guys are elimintated until a one-on-one showdown determines a winner, who in turn gets 15 seconds of face time to say whatever he likes. But after watching one time, you'll see the points system isn't important. Well, I've said enough I guess but I really wonder why ESPN didn't think of this show sooner. I know for a fact it is a hit among college males and people of the 18-49 demographic. Several people I talk to are regular viewers and can't miss a day. The only thing that sucks is that ESPN continues to air these golf tournaments that 90% of the people could care less about and that causes this show to be preempted at times. All in all folks if you are a fan of sports or missed the previous days stories regarding not only sports,but music,tv,and movies as well,then this is the show for you. And remember, "it's out of bounds where it's all in-bounds".

Woody Paige: Why do always have to be the one to straighten you guys out?

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Just some thoughts on the current scheme of things, 27 November 2003

For a fan who has been watching this show since they were 5 and are now 24, these past 3 months have been more than interesting. I just wanted to throw in my 3 cents about Days and where it stands currently. The serial killer storyline is nice way to go as it involves the entire cast in some way shape or form. I am not thrilled with the firings of James Reynolds(Abe), Matthew Ashford(Jack), Suzanne Rogers(Maggie), Alexis Thorpe(Cassie), Josh Taylor(Roman), Thaao Penglis(Tony), and Peggy McCray(Caroline). Sure to make the storyline count, you must weed out characters that are important and that will get people to watch. Face it folks if the victims were Bart(Tony's henchman),Henderson(Victor's butler),or Celeste(Fortune-teller and Lexie's mom), would we really care and get into it? I'll let you answer that one. But to kill them all in rapid-fire time is kinda odd. It isn't letting characters react and mourn the loss of one specific character which is what each one of them deserves. But, we are supposed to see who the killer is January so at least it isn't being dragged out for a year or so like previous storylines. Also, why kill off Jack when Jack and Jennifer fans just got to see them reunited at a beautiful wedding? If you were going to kill him off, you shouldn't have built it up that Jack&Jen were going to be a vital part of the show. And where is Kayla during the death of her mother,Caroline? All the other Brady children are present. Surely they could have worked a deal with Mary Beth Evans(Kayla)for even 2 days of taping. And the killing of Cassie is just weird to be honest with you. I mean, she and Rex have been pushed to the forefront since they arrived last year and now she's riding off into the sunset. Just so nobody thinks I'm all negative, I do have some good things to say about Days. I love the fact that characters like Mickey,Shawn(grandpa,not Shawn D),and Celeste are getting some screen time. They were on the backburner for so long. Also,this slowly but maybe surely, budding romance between Lucas and Sami has been entertaining so far. They are planting tiny seeds that hint at a hook-up somewhere down the road. The return of Jan Spears in questionable, but at least it creates possibilities. And last, but not least, let me commend Days for letting the terminated actors really shine on their way out. Some of their finest work in years has been done in the past 3 months. Gotta love the flashbacks of old scenes as well.

Oh and by the way..just a few suggestions:

Bring back: Patch and Kayla, Carrie and Mike, and in my wildest dreams Lawrence and Carly Don't bring back: Eric, Brandon, and Austin(if you do bring back Patrick Muldoon)

Thanks for reading and feel free to post your responses. The arguing!

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Fun of which the likes we haven't seen in ages from the toons, 16 November 2003

Upon hearing about a year ago that Brendan Frasier had signed on for another cartoon movie, I was more than thrilled. I knew anything with Looney Tunes would be 100 times better than that Monkeybone drivel( Less than 10 million at the box office,anyone?). As many others have stated, I also grew up on the Looney Tunes and cherish those classic shorts. This movie brought me back to that. Yes, there was enough explosions and action to keep the tots interested, but with all the background proceedings and pop-culture references this one was really great for adults too. Bugs and Daffy seemed to have more of an edge to them as though they have matured through the years. The cameos of Bill Goldberg,Batman,Heather Locklear,Jeff Gordon,Roger Corman,and so many more helped this movie flow so quickly as you are constantly waiting for all the sight gags and quips. Great flick which to me has great re-watch value and like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, will always provide fun and something new in case you missed it the first go-around.

P.S. Loved the fact Joe Dante,the director of Gremlins was pegged to do this film. He's always been one of my favs.

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Like the Killer,this movie left me Breathless!!!!!!, 26 October 2000

This movie defines what Jerry Lee Lewis is all about:An enigma in all sense of the word. Dennis Quaid gives his finest performance,in this reviewer's humble opinion,as the Killer himself. The hair,the clothes,the accent are strike an uncanny resemblance. Winnona Ryder is absolutely marvelous as Myra. This movie depicts Lewis's life from his first hit,"Crazy Arms",to the scandal that almost shot his career down the toliet quicker than Elvis could eat a cheeseburger. What really makes this movie go is the soundtrack,including new performances by the Killer. It has humor,tons of drama,and some really revealing glimpses into the man,the myth,the legend that is Jerry Lee Lewis. I give this movie a 9 out of 10. It is with great sadness that I report that this movie is out of print and I pray to God that it will be re-released at the time of this writing. Get it if you can, because,WOOOOOOOOOOO,this movie's got the bull by the horns!!!!!!!

Batman (1989)
Jack Nicholson's finest!!!, 30 August 2000

X-Men,Superman,Blade,The Crow. Yes,all great films but they all fall short in comparison to Batman,the finest comic book movie of all time. Notice I say this one, because the 3 sequels all began to get progressively worse. I can't honestly say one bad thing about this film. Micheal Keaton as the Caped Crusader/Bruce Wayne is the best ever to grace the role. His eyes,facial expressions and dialogue truly give meaning to the deep,lost,sad soul that is Bruce Wayne. Kim Basinger as Viki Vale is outstanding as the photographer trying to get a story who becomes Batman's love interest. And last, but not least is Jack Nicholson's portrayl of the Joker. Now I've seen all of Jacko's work(The Shining,As Good as it Gets,One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest,Hoffa,etc....),but this in my opinion was his most satisfying role to date. What he brought to the Joker's character is unreal. He gave the performance that truly reminded me of the way the Joker was presented in the comics:deranged,crazy,humorous,dangerous,and always compelling. The scenery is top-notch from tim Burton and Danny Elfman's musical score gives it the deep,dark feel that is Gotham City. I remember standing in line at midnight at Wal-Mart waiting for this movie to be relased so I could by it. Do yourself a favor,and purchase it yourself. And by the way "Never rub another man's rhubarb!!!

Madhouse (1990)
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"If we have a nuclear war, the only remaining living thing will be houseguests"!!, 30 August 2000

Ah,Madhouse. One of those great movies yours truly can't get enough of. I saw this movie in theaters when I was 11, and it has gotten better with every viewing. The jokes in this movie are hilarious and well-placed. John Laroquette and Kirsty Alley are magnificent in their roles as Mark and Jesse Bannister. They are two,happily married people who have it mad in the shade until Mark's cousin Fred comes to visit on his vacation. Oh, he also brings his wife Bernice and the cat Scruffy. Circumstances beyond their control lead to them staying longer than expected,and this leads to everyone shacking up at the Bannister's like it was a Holiday Inn. Soon,Jesse's sister Claudia and her son Jonathen,and the neighbors all live in the same house,while managing to drive Mark and Jesse out of their ^&%*ing minds. In the end, they manage to stand up against the terror that is their family and friends. *Some of the funniest moments include Jesse's interview segments,the cat and its ability to rise from the ashes,and Mark's scene at the end where his boss attempts to give him a raise.* All,in all a 9 out of 10. Also watch for Monday Night Football's Dennis Miller in a bit part.

Dogma (1999)
Decent Kevin Smith effort., 28 May 2000

I was thrilled when I saw that another Kevin Smith movie was coming out: Dogma. For the first hour or so, I laughed a good bit. But the final half-hour or so, I found to be a little bit too dramatic. Don't get me wrong, this was a funny movie for the most part. Smith's satire of religion, some witty dialogue, and the prescence of Jay and Silent Bob carried the film. I know language is a almost a must it seems nowadays, but Dogma had profanity like every other word. Chris Rock started out funny, but wound up with hardly any lines at all.(Can he do any movie without mentioning the difference between whites and blacks?) Alan Rickman was humorous as the voice of God, and Matt Damon started out hilarious as Lokie. However, there seemed to be a transition where the film went from comedy-satire to violent drama(blood, shootings,etc.) However, Jay and Silent Bob really shined again in this film and that makes me give it about a 7 out of 10. P.S. All of the fellow Kevin Smith fans will be happy to know that Jay and Silent Bob will return in a sequel to Clerks entitled Clerks 2: Still Clerkin'.

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Jim Varney's Best Ever!!!, 25 May 2000

Ernest Goes To Jail is the 3rd installment in the popular series, and in my humble opinion, the best. Jim Varney brings so much humor and character to the table in whatever he is in. So many jokes in the Ernest movies I did not get as a child, however, after viewing them as adults, I find them even more funny. Ernest was actually quoting Shakespeare and his arrogant soliloquies were classic. Varney shines in this movie:doing all the different voices, faces, and characters we have grown to love. What I really like about this film is his portrayal of Mr. Nash,the villain. Jim Varney does a complete 180 turn from his bumbling, idiotic Ernest P. Worrell. The look, the voice, and the attitude are very different from the other character, which is a what a good actor should do if playing 2 roles. Varney pulls them both off remarkably well. Also Chuck and Bobby provide great slapstick humor as always, and this film is a comedy classic that can be viewed by all ages. Jim Varney left this old world way too fast, but he also left us comic treasures in film such as this movie.

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Perhaps the finest of all the quote "80's movies", 13 April 2000

Can't Buy Me Love. Yes,a hit song for the Beatles,but to me its one of the finest films of all time. Why,you ask? Because Can't Buy Me Love is one of those movies that comes along ever so rarely and leaves the viewer realizing that this is the way things are(Not getting a girl for $1000,but the way "popularity" is).The cast is excellent right from Patrick Dempsey as the lead to Seth Green(*yes from Austin Powers*).The clothes,the music may be all 80's but so what? The focus of a nerd trying to be one of the cool,accepted people in society is something everyone can relate to,whether you were cool in high school or wanted to be. The consequences of "trying to buy your way in" can be devastating. This film is filled with several one-liners and situational comedy(*you'll love the African anteater ritual dance*).No matter how often you watch this film,it has the ability to make you think,to make you agree,and of course make you laugh. Its a shame this movie is no longer in print.If you are fortunate to live close to a video store that owns it,please go rent it.Even if you're "washing your hair,or out of the country"

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One of the most underrated comedies of all time, 13 April 2000

I'll go on paper or on-line and say that Moving Violations is one of the most underrated comedies of all time. I don't think it is shown enough for one thing. I can name about 14 friends I have shown this to who have never heard of it, but were needing stitches from laughing afterwards.The movie focuses on a bunch of misfits who have to go to traffic school to get their licenses back. The leader of the group is Dana Cannon played by John Murray (Bill's brother) who displayed a fine comedic talent in his first film. His deadpan deliveries such as Woopsie,You kids have fun, Hey its not an ashtray,and when the tough get going the tough get going in their pants. Cannon and his friends give Halek, the teacher, hell throughout the course. Halek holds a personal grudge to Cannon because he's responsible for screwing up his promotion as a cop. There's even some love interest in the film. The puppeteer, the dieter, the horror movie-maniac, the "doc", the blind old lady all fill their parts very well. This movie has been criticized for being too much like Police Academy,but trust me its as funny. The one-liners are memorable and the gags are plenty. It took me forever to find this film to purchase, hopefully it won't take you as long to rent.