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I thought it was a very cute and charming movie, 20 September 2003

I really cant believe some of the bad reviews of this movie that I have just been reading on here! The movie is EXACTLY what it promises to be; cute, charming, and yes, a little bit fluffy!! However, it does not take itself too seriously and that makes its flaws forgiveable. I thought it was very entertaining and refreshing, come on people, LIGHTEN UP!!

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I am afraid my IQ dropped while watching this movie..., 2 January 2003

I cant believe that I spent money on this. Ouch. I actually BOUGHT a pre-viewed copy of the DVD because I have loved Cameron Diaz in her other movies. I never would have imagined that it would be so horrible. Even in the very beginning when Christina Applegate is walking and talking on her cell phone was cringe-worthy. She is walking along, trying to walk sexy and talking in the STUPIDEST tone of voice. It was laughable. And WHAT is with the "penis song" scene??? It was the WORST thing I have ever seen in a movie. Take that back, that I have ever seen PERIOD. I think the writers, producers, and cast should compensate me for the IQ points that I lost while watching this. I doubt that even a 13 year old would be amused. I have watched "silly" films for fun and enjoyed them (something about mary etc) but this was just plain stupid. One last comment; if you want homosexuality in a movie dont try to HIDE it. There are too many homo-erotic moments in this movie to count. Whatever...

Overall, a great movie!, 5 July 2001

Being a die-hard Sandra Bullock fan, I have to say that I thought this movie was great. However, I was VERY surprised at some of the other reviews of this movie. People complain that it is a "fluff piece" but I do not agree. Yes, it IS a romantic comedy, but those going to see it or rent it probably KNOW that before they see it (unless they were clubbed and dragged into the theater against their will!) It is exactly that: A romantic comedy that is very funny but yet does not take itself too seriously. I feel that not only Bullock was great, but the entire cast was wonderful. The actors actually seem to be having FUN while making the movie, which makes it even better. So, if you are looking for a deep, serious movie with an intricate plot line, this is not the movie for you. However, if you are in the mood for a light, fresh, very funny, and very cute flick, this is the one for you!