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Mrs. Roboto, 12 January 2005

Lets start off by asking: "Who really bought the idea that a character played by Nichole Kidman would be married to a character played by Mr. Sara Jessica Parker".

Were these women robots or were they just altered by a chip or 2 in their heads? I don't get it. You have one lady that can act as an ATM but yet when Mr. Parker (aka. Ferris Bueller) screwed with the computer system they went back to normal.

Either way the movie sucked ... well hell it sucked the money from my pocket to rent the damn movie so I don't know which is worse at this point.

Hellboy (2004)
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Help, My Kittens!!!, 29 July 2004

THANK GOD, I waited for this to come out on DVD. I think my subject line pretty much says what I thought of the movie. "Oh come on, a lady happens to drop her box of kittens as Hellboy and the other freak creature fought?" Good thing that Hellboy was there to save them, fish man and fire girl may not have been up for the task.

Now I hear that Hellboy 2 has been announced? If there are any fight scenes going on near a blind man who is confined to a wheel chair holding a box of new born puppies, we can all rest assure that Hellboy will be there to save them as well.

Maybe next time I get the urge to see a lame film as this, my girlfriend will just remind me of the box of kittens.

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Stupid funny!!!!, 19 October 2002

I have to admit that this film was so incredibly stupid that I laughed out loud at times. Who the hell else would come up with the guy's tongue having a face of it's own....... well I guess Steve Oedekerk would. Just watch the damn flick.... you will laugh too.

Heat (1995)
Cool, 9 June 2002

Don't know what to really say about this film. It was cool and all especially the gun battles (which make any action movie good)...........but that's about it. Just watch the damn thing and make up your own mind.

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Lame Ass piece of crap!!!!!, 12 May 2002

Do I have to explain that my "One Line Summary" doesn't?? I was smart enough this time not to see this in the theater and waited till it was out for rental so I wouldn't have to waste as much money.

All this movie was is a BAD rehash of BAT*21 and a very bad one at that. Can someone explain this to me? Why is it that in every movie where there is a really mean bad ass guy who is either a terrorist, Russian Mafia bad guy, or some extreme psychopath...... they are always wearing that Adidas style sweat suit. I guess it is a comfort factor or it makes them look like they are that much meaner than they really are, cause they are not the biggest guy, just the meanest. (Trust me on this, watch for it next time you see it in a movie or T.V. program).

I don't know how anyone can take Owen Wilson as a serious actor. Now I realize that I am sitting here at my little old computer and Owen Wilson makes a HELL of a lot more money than me at doing what he does compared to what I do and I am probably a little jealous. Stick my ugly ass in a movie like that and I can come off as good as he did..... HELL, I would come off better.

All in all.... THE MOVIE SUCKS!!!!!!!

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Ohhhh GOD!!!!, 15 April 2002

Why oh why oh why????? do I see these stupid movies. The tag line for the movie was "What Would You Do If You Lost Everything?"

It should be more like "What Would You Do If You Lost You Ticket Money Seeing This Lame Ass Movie?

I'm sorry it sucked. Actually why should I apologize..... they should say sorry to me. I am out the ticket money.

It was like they were trying to put a film together really fast so they could make some quick cash. There was nothing to the movie that left you wondering, thinking, or anything. It did it all for you.

Either way, not only do I want my money back, I want the time I spent sitting in the seat back so I could watch the movie.

At least it was not as bad as Godzilla,,,, or Superstar.

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Cool Flick!, 21 March 2002

I have always been a fan of Denzel Washington and this just re-affirms my beliefs that he is just "THAT GOOD" of an actor. I really didn't expect the movie to end the way it did, but it made it that much better of a film and I would suggest this film for anyone who likes a good crime drama movie.

Better than I had hoped., 19 January 2002

1st I will not compare this to Saving Private Ryan, because you are dealing with 2 REALLY important issues here. Different wars all together, and the fact that Saving Private Ryan never happened, this did.

First I read the book and couldn't put it down. I was amazed and shocked by everything that these guys had been through and had to endure for 18 hours what was suppose to be a 1 or 2 hour mission. When I first heard that the movie was coming out my first reaction was to go to this web site and see who was directing it and see who was staring in it. I wasn't too thrilled to see that Jerry Bruckheimer was going to produce it. Most of his films have been nothing more than flash, no story line, good kick ass movies. but that is it. I didn't want to see this movie make light or glamorize what happened on Oct3-4th 1993, but rather keep the integrity of everything that happened, like the book had.

When the film came out several weeks before the rest of the country did in New York and L.A., I started to read some of the comments made. You can actually tell who read the book and who didn't. Those who didn't expected to see more action, didn't think that the Somalies came out of the woodwork like vermin ("right 235SCOPE"). Had they read the book they may have understood that most of the stuff that happened in the movie, even some of the funny comments, were in the book.

I have spent quite a few years in the military myself, so I have been there and done that, but my experiences don't EVEN pale in comparison to what hell the members of Task Force Ranger went through.

For people who have NOT read the book, or have not even been there don't judge this movie by the events of what happened or even how they happened. Judge it by the direction or the acting. I though the movie was awesome. I loved how it did keep the integrity of the book and didn't diminish the events of what happened. I will always remember the names of at least 2 of them. Randy Shughart and Gary Gordon were 2 members of Delta who posthumously received the Medal of Honor for going into almost certain death.

See the movie, decide for yourself, but remember...this did happen.

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Top Gun in a Car, 30 December 2001

I originally saw this movie when it came out in 1986 under its original title, Top Gun. Come on, you have the same basic premise. You have a wild out of control guy who can do anything inside of car instead of a fighter jet. He meets up with a hot lady. He is tamed by a mentor and brought under to control to hone his talent. Don't forget about about the tragic event that makes him rethink his current situation if he can still do it. Last but certainly not least, he has the rivalry between him and another driver as to who really is "The Best".

The movie did have it's share of cool driving shots, but this is what you get from a Tony Scott film, go figure,,,, guess who directed Top Gun?

If all you want is cool action and nothing to the movie, then this is your movie.

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Not captivating enough!, 4 July 2001

According to of Northampton, England if anyone doesn't understand this movie we should stick to Disney, and this was better than The Sixth Sense. I am sure you think Howard The Duck should have been put up for an Oscar too. Well buddy, this movie was about as easy to understand as a Disney movie so I can understand how your small brain would think so.

There was no "Twist" to this movie! There was nothing to twist to! There was nothing that would lead you to believe what the "stunning outcome" would have been like in The Sixth Sense. In that movie there were small clues left all over the film to make you realize before the movie was over.

I am not going to try and compare the scripts of The Sixth Sense, to this movie because it's like comparing an apple to an orange, two separate movies.

Bruce Willis's acting in the film was less than par as well. I am am fond of his acting but it seems that the whole movie he had no emotion, and was boring. He didn't have anything there to make me sit and want to watch the whole movie uninterrupted. He is a much better actor than what he did in this film and probably knows it too.

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