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Ill Manors (2012)
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Tough and disjointed, but worth seeing, 16 August 2013

I don't like to write many reviews, but when I discover a movie that I think it is underrated, it makes sense to write about it:)

Although there are many characters, you do not get to know very well any of them and at the same they all have something in common: a horror east-London story-line that tangles them.

I guess the movie seems very rough and tough from many points of view, specially to someone who has not been in that part of London, nor has seen anything similar. To all the other ones, this seems to be just another slice of live that brings up sometimes the worst and best of people.

There is a positive message in the end, but have to through hell and back before you get there!

I am having hard time recommending the movie, although from technical point of view it was almost without flaw, mainly because the abuse of using too many sad stories at the same time. Limiting the number of main characters to only 2-3 would've had the same effect.

Anyway, kudos to the director for a well done movie, albeit I will never want to watch it again...

Boy (2010/I)
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The little gem from NZ, 20 September 2010

There are very few movies coming out of NZ that are memorable at all, and stumbling upon such a gem is quite a rarity!

I rarely take time to write reviews, but I felt that this movies deserves one:)

There is hardly any fault in this movie from direction and acting perspective, although I have to reckon I have never heard of anyone from the main movie credits... Combining unknown actors with a very simple script is a recipe for disaster, in general,BUT not in this film. I think the charm of the movie comes from kids that are playing their roles just perfect:innocent but responsible when need it.

The last scene of the movie makes you feel that you've just experienced something unique that comes on the screen once in 10 years!

If you manage to get the DVD, invite some friends over and have an '80 night at the movies: all of them they'll feel happy at the end!

Snow (2008)
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Touchy subject handled almost perfect!, 30 September 2008

I have never heard of the director or the actors who played in this movie, but they managed to produce one of the most memorable movies about the consequences of the Bosnian war. The VIFF screening of this movie had its moments when some people left the theater, but the overall reaction was one of silence - silence for the ones that were victims of that war.

If you have the chance to see this movie, go with an open mind and you'll be reward it, as the film would manage to stir a lot of questions about the war in general, and about the Bosnian war in special: why did it happen? ohhhh, WHY?

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Interesting story and direction, 15 February 2006

I really don't understand how come some people trash this movie! There is nothing wrong with: the acting is quite good, the direction is quite fresh, the music rules and the story is reasonably good.

Yes, there are same scenes taken from Kubrick's work and the whole story is NOT original, but the setting in Scotland's capital is quite nice. I was pleasantly surprised by the actors,quite natural acting helped probably by a story that is very familiar to some of them:)

Overall this film is well worth it and would expand your horizon of good European movies.

A well deserved 7/10.

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Pleasant surprise..indeed!, 14 December 2005

I was not expecting a story like this, as I was very familiar with the other movies written by Guillermo the surprise was even more powerful when I saw something very original:) Nothing utterly complicated, wonderful music, good actors; that was a recipe for one of the most interesting movies of 2005.

You might look at the primary story, and you would see just some simple revenge, but that is just the backbone of some other interesting stories from today's world: marriage,poverty,love,friendship.

I would not spoil your pleasure with details of this movie: just go and see it!

Mirrormask (2005)
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Fantasy gone astray, 11 December 2005

I am a big admirer of Neil Gaiman's stories, but this movie does not do justice to his talent. Although the story is on the same path as you were expecting from Neil's previous works, it left me with a desire to SEE something else.

The music ,for the most part of the movie, is struggling to find a direction, and the acting is leaving a LOT to be expected...

Imagine that you are in the desert, and you are looking desperately for water; somewhere it might be,but when you get closer to it, it vanishes.That's what's happening with the direction in this film: it wanders from perfect to amateur back and forth a few time, that in the end it makes you wander if it's just one director or may...:(

Nevertheless, it's quite original, and it deserves to be seen just for the unique techniques used, but don't expect a masterpiece: this is clearly an artsy movie gone wrong...

Sorry..just a 7 from 10.

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Horror..horror, 28 November 2005

..what else beside horror, can you feel about a civil that torn apart a country and forced children to fight? How you were suppose to feel about the American government that spent BILLIONS of dollars to support a civil for some stupid reasons? Although this is just a movie, the real drama that Salvador went through should not be forgotten. Watch and learn!

I would dare to compare this movie with "Machuca" from Chile, but this one is way more realistic,and not so eye-candy like Andrés's Wood story. Acting is quite good,but sometimes the dramatic moments are a bit over-acted; the music is quite good,and you wish to listen more to the folk songs from that time...

I can definitely recommend this movie: a deserved 8/10.

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Once upon a time, there was a director..., 3 October 2004

..and his name was Akira Kurosawa. Once upon a time there was a simple man: a hunter, and simple story of friendship and reflection about life. Once upon a time a magnificent director and film crew have put a beautiful story on the screen with such perfection, that in our days we look back and we wonder: why movies like this are not being made anymore??

It doesn't matter if you like any other Kurosawa's works or any other 'Russian' films, because this one would touch you so much that you would go back and looked for similar films… I wish I could see this film in all his beauty: on a big screen, in the original format (70 mm), as I felt that I missed a lot of details from the TV format.

There are directors and there is Kurosawa, there are dramas and there are Russian stories, so when you put both of them together, what do you get? Dersu Uzala!

Enjoy it, at least as much I did…

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Nice one!, 2 October 2004

Lima, Peru. If you ever been there you will recognize the sad truth about that city: poverty and misery all over. For a movie coming from Peru, I think it was very good, but it cannot stand with international standards: most of the actors were pathetic:) Now, don't understand me wrong, the movie is nice, and I recommend it, BUT is still far away from the Italian neo-realism (It is indeed a neo-realist film..) and WAY far away from the Taxi Driver, that many people compare it with. The streets and the atmosphere from Lima was caught very good on the screen using some black and white images alternating with colored ones, but other than this, don't expect anything spectacular.

7/10 - one of the best Peruvian movies.

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Not really..., 30 September 2004

I had high expectations from this film: 270 min. epic about Palestine. ..but in the end, I had to walk out of the movie before the end, as some scenes were pure ridiculous. Of course, it's a political movie, and the Jews are portrayed almost the same like Nazis, but the main reason for not liking it was the direction and the acting. Quite understandable, there are no good actors in here, most of them seemed to be amateurs, but this is not an excuse for a director to deliver such a distasteful movie. Way to many close-ups, and running scenes were everyone is looking into the camera, like waiting for the next signal to do something. The sceneries, costumes and the music were brilliant, but this was not enough to make me recommend this film. Sorry.


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