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Astoria (2000)
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characters that I will remember, 14 April 2006

I loved this movie because it had believable, likable characters and good acting. Unlike the unwatchable movies that come out of Hollywood, these characters were human earthlings with no magic powers. Unlike the movies of Hollywood, the characters had conversations, interactions, and emotions. No one had a gun and no one died! And yet a story was told, and we wanted to know what was going to happen next.

I also liked that the movie took place in New York City, and the characters took on the New York persona, while also keeping the theme of the parents being Greek immigrants.

There were some places in the last half of the film where the story itself might be considered by some to be weak, but the rapport that the audience has developed with the main character still compels us to be interested in his story, again as he is an ordinary guy with an ordinary life and ordinary problems and yes he has his dream and pride of Greek's ancient heroes.