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Very Funny Comedy Short (from a guys perspective), 19 July 2004

I quite enjoyed this short, here is a loser guy(Bernie Coulson)who goes to the bar to meet woman all the while narrating his woes to a radio call in show. His adventure begins after the beer he's drinking is knocked onto his shirt, as he rings out the remains of the beer from his shirt into his glass, the woman of his dreams sees this and has a pull from the glass, thus they take of to her apartment for a night of fun. The whole while we here first hand narration from Bernie of how his life is about to change again drastically ! In the morning they wake up she goes to grab a shower and he has a gut satisfying fart ! Hilarious I thought (the rest I leave up to your imagination if I say anymore I spoil the ending !)Well done , excellent filming , good story ! A must see!