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Bud and Lou at their Best, 6 June 2000

I remember being so scared as I watched this film as a child of 10, the uncrating of the monster Frankenstein and the first meeting of the Wolfman and Count Dracula left me with many sleepless nights. As I watched the film as an adult, I appreciated the comedic talents of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. An all around great cast for that period in time. I'm sure todays young audience would view this funny film as silly and nonsensical, Oh, to be a kid again.

"Falcone" (2000)
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As good as it get's for "BASIC TV", 29 April 2000

I have yet to be in agreement with the CRITICS who make or break a show. I, and everyone I spoke to that watched Falcone thought it was an extremely well cast and played series. All of us were excitingly hoping it would become a weekly series. I think this series, especially while not being shown on PAY TV, where the x-rated language would have had a more definite impact on todays audience, still gave us a dramatic look into the world of "WISEGUYS" and GOODGUYS. As for Joe Falcone, played by Jason Gedrick, I know guys who look like high schoolers who are in his field. Titus Welliver was excellent and Lillo Broncato was superb, as was Sunny Marinelli. When isn't Eric Roberts right on. The remaining cast were all to be congratulated. I know Falcone has been compared to the highly acclaimed Sopranos, which I never miss and am addicted to, but take away the language and who knows where that show might be.

"Roots" (1977)
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Outstanding Mini Series, 28 April 2000

I have the complete series on tape and yet I watch it everytime it airs, Roots is a must see for everyone who is interested in history and geneology. The series really opened my eyes into a whole new perspective of the plight and the fight for the black men and women to know and win their God given freedom. To witness the love and life shared between Omoro and Binte, who's sole purpose was to raise and nurture their children was heart warming, then to watch it taken away was heart wrenching. The story eventually follows 200 yrs. of the decendants of this family who's strong will and striving finally brings them to Justice and Freedom. Do Watch!!!!!!!

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Almost 20 yrs. and I'm still in awe and beguiled, 4 April 2000

I first saw the film in 1981, I was completely mesmerised, I still tune in every time it's showing, I feel it's a must see for everyone who loves a love story. The music is wonderful, the scenery is beautiful and Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymore are fabulous together. And I loved young and old Arthur. Do yourselves a great favour and enjoy a great film. I have been to the film's location in Michigan and it is all that.