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Watching this movie is enjoyable and educational, 30 April 2000

I enjoyed this movie very much. I think it is a good resource to learn about Cuba. The constant battle between Neo-liberalism and Socialism was done very well, and I learned so much about the two systems. All of the different characters are affected in different ways by both systems and shows the strong emotion throughout.

This movie has love that cannot be, rebellion, and a family that struggles to make it. It is in black in white, which is very effective because none of the points in the movie are black and white. There is always a shade of gray. The music is enjoyable and really keeps the movie flowing at a steady pace.

This movie is a great way to learn about Cuba and is enjoyable to watch as well. I highly recommend it.

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Interesting yet confusing movie, 3 April 2000

I have mixed feelings about La muralla verde. I thought the ending tied the whole move together, but it was painful to sit through the rest of it. Things didn't make sense until the end of the movie, and for me that is too late. There were many flashbacks, and sometimes there was nothing to tell you that it was a flashback. The juxtaposition with the scenes in the jungle and the scenes in the city was done nicely. The differences between the 2 were striking, especially when placed back to back like that. However, some of the camera shots were distracting and irritating, so much so that I had to look away. I found this movie to be interesting because I couldn't imagine a family " roughing it" in the jungle and giving up city life. However, I think this movie was just too distracting and distorted to enjoy watching it and get the whole effect. It definitely shows the major contrasts between the city and the jungle, which is good for learning, but it could have been less confusing and still would have had the same effect.