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Wonderful show; very well could be the best ever, 3 July 2000

This show was so wonderful. The cynical, half-deranged title character is too funny for words. The throwbacks on society are not only funny, but oh so true. I agree with everyone else that this show was one of the best ever made. Watch it on Comedy Central, because I can't explain how funny this show actually is.

A figurehead for years to come, 18 June 2000

I hate to say it, but Mike Myers really outdid himself in this spy parody. Many of the one-liners from the movie have found their way into dialouge of average Americans! This is not a bad thing, just unexpected from a Mike Myers movie. Looking back, this is probably his best film, right up there with the sequel and everything Monty Python. A definate must-see if you wish to be "hip" with the slang of today.

Plesantly surprising for a WB film, 18 June 2000

I thought this was a welcome departure from the overbudgeted Disney films of the time. Instead of relying on flashy, new special effects, this movie relies on it's wit, charm, tight storyline, and music (the most surprising, usually WB scores are terrible.) I am sick of animated films lacking in good scores and feeling like something pasted together by a two-year-old when relating to plot. Disney has forgotten the roots of animation, what Walt built the company on. Cats Don't Dance has brought back some of the well-drawn, non drawn out animation that made the business back in the day. I loved this film and it is too bad it had a terrible box office run. Ironically enough, I viewed this Warner Brother's film on the Disney channel and now suggest at least a rental.

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good show that couldn't quite replace Ren and Stimpy, 18 June 2000

This was one of the two nicktoons added onto the original 3, the other being the infamously bad "AAAH! Real Monsters" Rocko was an imaginative cartoon from the start (remember suck-o-vac?) Though it was not as "weird" in its humor as Ren and Stimpy, it's creativity lasted much longer (probably because John K. left the Ren and Stimpy cast after 2 of the best seasons of TV ever manifested.) I loved this show, but Nickelodeon reared it's ugly head and cut show time for more "hip" shows like the Rugrats. Oh, how I hate the Rugrats. Of the 7 (12? 14? 167? It's hard to keep count) Nicktoons, this was my second favorite.

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Well, not the best anime, but still the best we American scum can get our hands on, 18 June 2000

Well, those of you lucky enough to live in Japan can badger this Anime all you wish. In Japan, there are many Anime to choose from. We Americans get about 2 choices: Gundam Wing or Dragonball Z (I REFUSE to include Monster Rancher or any of the 'mons into the mix.) It's equal to or beyond Dragonball Z in many places, though I agree the plot is sometimes lost or confused in thoughtful dialouge of War and Peace. I don't mind that; in fact I enjoy the insight I receive from it. I wish I lived in Japan or I had the comic shop that would sell me subtitled anime (I hear Sailor Moon underwent HORRIFIC rewrites-too bad :P) I don't though, and Gundam Wing is a good show upon itself.

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Hmmmm... Bad but good, 18 June 2000

This is a pretty good anime. I enjoy the escapades of Serena in her love life with a person a full 10 years older than herself. The dubbing is terrible and borderline painful to listen to. The power ranger-esque power scenes are annoying (moon spiral scepter power?) Overall, if you can stand the shortcomings it's an alright show. Dragonball Z is leaps and bounds better, though.

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There are other late night talk shows?, 18 June 2000

Yes, Space Ghost is odd, off-the-wall humor. The dryness of the jokes really grows on you, though. I also suggest this to MST3K fans begging for something to watch since that show was - sob - ended. Monty Python I see not in this film, more a parody of late-night television. I love this show and suggest it to anyone and everyone.

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Spielberg rarely hits the mark, but here he's right on target, 18 June 2000

I don't usually like Spielberg. Most of his cartoons were very slapstick, and what he did to the Looney Tunes license is apalling to older viewers (in many ways, bad animation, sloppy plot, one-dimensional characters, etc, etc, etc.) Here, Spielberg scores. His cartoon appeals to the young in its slapstick, and the older audience with his Pop-culture refrences. This is one to catch (and even record!) on Cartoon Network.

Worth a look... maybe even a buy, 17 June 2000

I recently saw this movie on the Disney Channel. Kind of odd, seeing it's a WB film on further research... But that's OK. I was expecting a cookie cutter display of dismal numbers and dry, unimaginative drama. What I found, though, was engaging characters intertwined in an imaginative interpretation of show business. The musical numbers didn't disappoint, and I also find myself humming the tunes in my head. The lower-quality animation really fits into the picture, for I really dislike big-budget films of any kind that just flex their animation muscle (present example - Dinosaur by Disney.) In fact, I like hand-drawn animation that flows the way WB animation does instead of the flowering, slower-moving (for lack of better descriptive) characters of Disney. I usually avoid American animation that had a dismal run, seeing I am a teen with a taste for anime, but this film surprised me. I suggest at least renting this show.

"Snorks" (1984)
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I'm not surprised I'm the first to review this one..., 26 April 2000

This was, by far, my favorite 80s cartoon. I enjoyed the smurfs, but their appeal dried out on me. I didn't watch Carebears because I was a 5 year old kid who loved doom. In fact, I'm making an anti-carebear game to rebel against the old 80s culture. That's what I get, I guess... Onward now. The snorks were a very happy race of little aquatic animals with snorkels on their heads. The feel of the show was more real than their closest relative, the Smurfs. The problems dealt with were much more serious than what was seen on other 80s shows, yet still naive in their nature. This one died out due to lack of popularity, so I switched to Rescue Rangers. I still have a few (six maybe) episodes on tape, but I know there were over a hundred. Where can I get these? Doesn't ANYONE know? Oh well. I guess it's gone now. It was a great show.

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