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smart, very smart, 26 July 2000

The only way to describe "The Bone Collector" is that it has smart dialogue, talented actors and an excellent script with puzzles and clues that will keep the viewers guessing until the very end.

With a talented cast that includes Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie, Queen Latifah, Ed O'Neill and rising star Mike McGlone, "The Bone Collector is sure to please viewers as it did me. Washington always seems to select the perfect roles as he seems to fit right in and perform so well. What makes the role of Lincoln Rhyme so good is Washington has to act without the use of his arms and legs. He makes it look so simple and yet pulling a performance off that believable is hard. Jolie and O'Neill serve as perfect support for Washington.

It seemed that each scene was pulled off with a very low amount of takes since all the actors seemed to know what the others were doing and timed everything just right.

I give a lot of credit to the writers of "The Bone Collector" for putting together a marvelous script that included intricate puzzles and clues that kept me guessing about the identity of killer a secret until the final showdown at the end. Also, it was a work of art how Lincoln Rhyme took out the killer. I don't think anyone could have forecasted how perfect it was.

This is a must see movie for mystery buffs who love to play along as the home detective and find out who did it. THUMBS WAY UP.

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well done, 26 July 2000

Eric Roberts has fast become one of my favorite actors. Not only is he talented but he is versatile. I recently saw him in "Race Against Time" in which he played somewhat of a dramatic role.

Ever since I saw Roberts name attached to "Restraining Order" I wanted to see this movie because I heard of his reputation of being the best action star and I knew I was in for a real treat. What I got out of it by the end was a lot more than I was hoping for from him. He proved he has what it takes to become better than best. In "Restraining Order" he portrays a lawyer who witnesses a murder of a close friend and sees the killer. However, there is nothing he can do. He soon learns that evidence indicates that his wife may be involved. What follows is an awesome movie that combines action with drama.

Dean Stockwell is up to usual tricks as he lends his support to Roberts... or does he? Anyway you cut it the whole cast works really with one another to put together a movie that is very very good.

With each scene that came and went, I got more and more interested in how Roberts was going to take down the crooks. "Restraining Order" was a movie that got me involved and I'm glad it did because it lived up to my expectations.

Bone Daddy (1998)
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very interesting, 24 July 2000

"Bone Daddy" is an interesting movie to say the least. I enjoyed this movie very much because it stars one of my new-found favorite actors in Rutger Hauer. Known for action movies, Hauer is quite different in his portrayal of a former medical examiner on the trail of a serial killer.

This is not your average serial killer movies, which is only one of a number of things that attracted me to this movie. Another thing that attracted me to "Bone Daddy" was the fact that the cast didn't seem to miss a beat in their performances. Everything seemed to roll along smoothly. Finally, the fact that the writers carefully plotted to disguise the identity of killer until the last scene (literally) was a stroke of genius. Though some may think it cliche to do this, I thought it worked.

"Bone Daddy" is a complex, nail biting and suspense filled thriller that combines action with drama. Rutger Hauer is at his best as is Barbara Williams. This deserves a look by everyone who is into mysteries and action. I hope you like it as much as I did.

Race Against Time (2000) (TV)
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well done, 24 July 2000

Eric Roberts is good and Cary Elwes is devilishly better in an awesome movie called "Race Against Time."

This is one of the most brilliant movies I have seen. The performances are awesome and best of all it is suspense filled. In addition to the suspense, "Race Against Time" brings non stop, edge of your seat action and drama to a movie that has a star who acts in nothing but action movies.

I must give praise to the writers and director of "Race Against Time" because they took an awesome script and turned it into a work of art. A man signs his life away to save his son but when he discovers his son is dead, he breaks the agreement and runs for his life. Who wouldn't watch this movie after reading the plot? I know I would watch it.

The cast is phenomenal in "Race Against Time. Eric Roberts seems to get better and better with each role he takes. Roberts expands his acting skills from action to being a dedicated and caring father. It is always good to see that an actor can be versatile. However, the best actor in this whole movie was the evil Cary Elwes. Elwes is the ultimate bad guy and he portrays the villain never well. I wish I never got on the wrong side of Mr. Elwes. Besides Elwes, the climax of this film makes this film so good.

"Race Against Time" is a heart-pumping, heart-warming, suspenseful and edge of your seat thriller that will involve you from start to finish. If you enjoy Eric Roberts you will enjoy "Race Against Time." THUMBS WAY UP.

a very good and entertaining film, 23 July 2000

I was very impressed with "House On Haunted Hill" because it was a scary movie that even got me a few times. Not many horror films recently have been "scary"; however, this is different.

What really sets this apart from any other horror films I've seen recently was the cast because they all seemed to work well together. Geoffrey Rush, Famke Janssen, Chris Kattan,Taye Diggs, Ali Larter, Peter Gallagher and Bridgette Wilson come together to create a sense of believability to the movie that may not be there if other actors took the roles.

This is a brilliant script that called for a lot of good performances from everyone, which was accomplished. Everyone had to depend on one another for survival; however, there were several brilliant twists. The first having two guests in cahoots to gain five million dollars and the other having only two people surviving the night. Both made for an excellent movie.

Though "House on Haunted Hill" was impressive it was not the best horror film I've seen because with the amount of special effects there was, they did not scare me as much as I thought. Still, they were original and believable. All in all I was impressed with this film.

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a hesitant thumbs down, 23 July 2000

I can't say that I liked "The 4th Floor" because it took so long to get to the point. When it finally came to the climax, I just didn't care anymore. The main problem with "The 4th Floor" is that it doesnt offer the viewer anything to keep watching until the end. I wish I saw more action or frights earlier on because it would resolve a lot of problems I had with it.

The only thing that kept me watching were the performances from Juliette Lewis, William Hurt, Shelley Duvall and Austin Pendleton. They took an excellent (yet lacking) script and did the best they could but it failed somewhere along the line. I wish I could recommend this to you but I can't unless you are a die-hard fan of any of these actors.

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very slow but well worth the rental fee, 22 July 2000

"Trial By Jury" is one of the better psychological thrillers I have seen because it sucks the viewer in with each scene. As I began to watch this film I noticed that it had elements of "12 Angry Men" and "The Juror," both of which were great movies, therefore I knew this would be of the same caliber.

The film stars Gabriel Byrne, Armand Assante, Joanne Whalley-Kilmer and William Hurt. They all bring a style to the film that can only be matched by the brilliant ways of making it believable. I found all the actors were playing a different from what they were accustomed to, which was a real treat because if actors play the same thing over and over it gets boring.

This a legal thriller that plays around with the mind and when movies do this you can only hang on for the ride. Kilmer delivers an awesome performance as the terrified juror. It made me sit up and take a look at how talented she is. For example, in the climax of the movie she is at her best, but you will have to see the movie.

Speaking of performances, the one turned in by Gabriel Byrne made me a fan of his work because he showed that he has a passion making movies and making them good. In "Trial By Jury" he never let up in his pursuit of justice.

"Trial By Jury" was a very slow movie but it is well worth the wait. I hope everyone likes it as much as I did.

Titanic (1997)
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Pure magic, 20 July 2000

How does one describe the perfect film? In order to answer this question, one must watch the perfect film. In this case "Titanic" is the perfect film.

It owned all the qualities that make a film #1: action, drama, suspense, romance and action. "Titanic" is the personification of excellence and perfection.

It contained brilliant performances by Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Billy Zane and Kathy Bates. I was truly impressed by the performance of Billy Zane's Cal who was the jealous fiance to Kate Winslet's Rose. The casting director knew what he was doing when he chose Zane because the role was played with such ease.

The set design and costumes that overseen by Director James Cameron was done with careful attention to detail. The accuracy of the set and costumes was superb it was not easy to tell the difference whether or not it was made or real.

I have seen "Titanic" many many times and will continue to see as long as I own the movie because it was that well done. It continues to hold a special place in my heart and will for as long as I live.

This continues to be one of the best films I have seen; everyone should SEE IT again.

Son in Law (1993)
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Very funny, 18 July 2000

"Son In Law" is the best Pauly Shore movie I have seen since "Jury Duty."

"Son In Law" combines comedy from Shore and the rest of the cast to moments that will just say wow I didn't know Pauly Shore could do that: I wish his other movies would have been better.

Carla Gugino is something special to look at because she brings her beauty and electricity to a movie that is not only laugh out loud funny but heart-warming. "Son In Law" will make you laugh, cry and scowl; it is worth watching.

Jack Frost (1998)
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A family movie that is sure to impress, 18 July 2000

"Jack Frost" is the type of feel good movie that will take the viewer on a ride for two hours and come back refreshed. Michael Keaton stars as Jack Frost in this awesome movie about getting a second chance at being the world's greatest dad. Kelly Preston, Joseph Cross and Mark Addy co-star.

I first noticed Joseph Cross, Charlie Frost, in the 100th episode of "Touched By An Angel" and since then I knew he was a talented young actor. Cross once again teamed with Keaton in "Desperate Measures" another awesome movie I think was overlooked by the viewing audience.

"Jack Frost" is the kind of movie that has heart-warming moments intertwined with comedy that is witty. Keaton and Cross seem to have a lot of fun making this movie together and it showed in their performances. Scenes like the one that had Jack Frost throwing snowballs at the school bully and his friends as well as the chase that followed made it all worthwhile to see because this is what makes movies so good.

Watching this movie, it reminded me of "Ghost" because of its sweeping and heartwarming storyline.

One of the things I look for in a good movie is chemistry and this movie didn't let me down. While an unusual but a brilliant pairing, Keaton and Preston bring chemistry to "Jack Frost," a movie that seems to be better than others I've seen before.

I think Michael Keaton is one of the best actors I've seen and his performance in "Jack Frost" is one of his best films to date so WATCH it.

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