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Illusions (1982)
Rarely seen view of race and Hollywood
2 December 2000
I was lucky to view this film in class with decent sound. From what I understand, most the sound is barely audible on most prints. Sad, because Illusions is an example of race that is not often seen in the media. One of the few other examples I can think of is Alex Haley's Queen, but that took place over a hundred years ago, whereas Illusions is slightly more modern (and therefore hits closer to home), having taken place during WW2. But the issue of "passing" for the majority is not something the majority often thinks about, and I feel that many of my classmates were quite surprised by this film. That's a good thing though.
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Gilda (1946)
homosexuality in Gilda
18 May 2000
I think my biggest problem with this movie was with Gilda herself, as I felt she was infringing upon the close (gay) relationship of Johnny and Ballin. This would explain Johnny's jealousy and rage towards her. But at the end, she kills Ballin and goes off with Johnny, a sort of heterosexual triumph that ruins the movie.
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