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A true masterpiece....
3 April 2000
...or is that a "master piece"? Either way, I loved it. How all 4 members were completely ignored for "Best Actor" Oscars is beyond me.

How can you beat a movie that has an "evil KISS" out to ruin the real KISS, so they go on stage at a KISS show and change the lyrics of the classic tune "Shout it out Loud" to "Rip and Destroy", to the dismay of the packed Amusement Park, who don't know there's something amiss, so they start booing the evil KISS, thinking it's the real KISS ruining their own song by changing the lyrics (how's THAT for fan loyalty?), etc, etc....I could go on.

Let's just say...this IS A CLASSIC FILM!! Rent it!! Thank you very much.
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A truly funny movie!
2 April 2000
I have to say, every time I watch Karate Kid III, I laugh many, many times. Trouble's not intentionally a comedy! That's okay with me though, I still watch it every time I catch it on cable. It's definitely a "so bad, it's good" movie. Ralph Macchio isn't a great actor, but Robin Lively was terrible in her role as the supposed love-interest...which only made it better in my eyes. The dialogue was corny, over-the-top, and oh-so unnatural. Brilliant!

I sincerely liked the first KK, was bored by the second one, but KK III is definitely my favorite. It's poorly-made, poorly-acted, and poorly-written. And I loved every minute of it.
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