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A Great Action Packed Film With The Old B Western Stars., 26 July 2002

The "Marshal Of Windy Hollow" (Sunset Carson) calls in the head of the Texas Rangers (Ken Maynard) to track down the disappearance of a entire Wagon Train. Ken Maynard (Texas Ranger) finds out that the outlaws were robbing the Settlers and stealing the Gold from the Wagons and dumping the Wagons into the Canyon River. The Texas Rangers were on a mission to trap the Outlaws in the Canyon, some were blown up in there Canyon hide-out and others were arrested by Marshal Sunset Carson and borough into the town of Windy Hollow for trial. The mystery of the disappearing Wagon Train was solved, the Wagons were found in the Canyon River and searched for bodies and stolen Gold. The whole town of Windy Hollow was there to praise the Texas Rangers on there good work.