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Worth seeing, 7 July 2001

Not as bad as the other comments would suggest, "The Laughing Policeman" is a police procedural mystery that lacks the spark of great thriller genre films. What this does have is some very good acting, especially from the lead players, and a decent script with interesting characters. The plot does get a little convoluted near the end and the action is inspired by better films, but it is worth a watch. I'd give it a mild recomendation.

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Pointless, 7 July 2001

"Pointless" is a critique and summery of "Going Places" a film that tells the misadventures of two twentysomthing guys in the seventies who basically go around harrassing, stealing and raping everyone and everything in sight. The film does have some good scenes, here and there, and all the performances are effective. However the film is laid out like a series of sketches and it leads nowhere in particular. The characters don't seem to have much arc, and after a while it becomes obvious that Blier is just using shock tactics to carry our interest. The film was a huge hit in France and jumpstarted the career of its stars, it is watchable and fast paced just lacking in substance or theme.