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" I'm pulverized by this latest thing", 8 June 2003

'Grey Gardens'(1975) is the Maysles' brothers bizarre documentary of Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis'eccentric aunt and first cousin who live like pigs in a run down 28 room mansion on East Hampton, Long Island.'Big Edie' Bouvier Beale,78,witty and dry and her daughter, 'Little Edie' Beale,56,(emotionally about 13) a still beautiful woman who once had a promising future,live in isolation from the rest of the world except for their many cats and raccoons in the attic. They amuse themselves by bickering all day, listening to the radio or singing to each other(They dont even own a television) Their fall from society is amazing to learn of and the viewer is drawn to these two very special, although obviously, dysfunctional people.One of the better documentaries ever made and still a cult classic today.

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Insanity comes quietly to the structured mind, 30 March 2003

Richard Benjamin would drive anyone crazy in 'Diary of a Mad Housewife'(1970).Benjamin and wife Carrie Snodgrass are an upper- middle class New York couple, he totally absorbed with social climbing and Ms. Snodgrass bored to death with her isolated life.Director Frank Perry(David and Lisa) does an excellent job directing this sometimes funny, sometimes sad film of a materialistic, yet emotionally empty lifestyle.Script by Eleanor Perry.

Nosferatu (1922)
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Great example of German expressionism, 1 February 2003

'Nosferatu' (1922) was the first, and unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stokers Dracula. Noted German director F.W. Murnau was years ahead of his time with his use of location shooting, camera techniques, and speed up motion. Max Schreck as Count Orlok(Dracula)remains 80 some years later the most horrifying of all vampires and what nightmares are made of. Although not blood and guts scary by todays standards, Nosferatu still has the ability to haunt and stay with you for quite some time. Added music in recent years by 'Silent Orchestra' contributes to the films rather creepy atmosphere. Highly recommended for all serious film buffs.

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Look out San Francisco, 26 October 2002

Long before the PC crowd raised their ugly heads, there was Freebie and the Bean(1974), a very watchable and funny comedy about two San Francisco cops who nearly destroy the city in their pursuit of a gangster. Alan Arkin and James Caan are in top form as the constantly bickering partners who will say or do anything to get their man. Entertaining from start to finish.

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Super suspense film, 5 October 2002

'Angel Heart'(1987) Lowlife private eye Mickey Rourke is hired by a sinister looking Robert deNiro to find the whereabouts of a missing nightclub singer, which leads Rourke on a nightmarish search for not only the missing man but for the truth as well. Dark, disturbing and frightening, 'Angel Heart' was probably Rourkes last very good performance before his own bizarre life took a turn for the worse

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Not the usual ghost story, 2 August 2002

'The Legend of Hell House'(1973)Four researchers agree to spend one week in house known to be inhabited by evil spirits and the scene of many murders in the past. This is a very different type of 'haunted house' movie with an excellent cast including Roddy McDowall and Clive Revill. Story and script by Richard Matheson.

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Outstanding Foreign Film, 26 July 2002

Based upon the bizarre novel by Gunther Grass, 1979s 'The Tin Drum' is the surreal story of a 3 year old boy( played by pint-sized 12 year old David Bennett) who wills himself to stop growing in protest of the Nazis increasing power in Germany and bangs out his frustration on his drum. Controversial and disturbing to be sure, The 'Tin Drum' is filled with unforgettable scene after unforgettable scene,and deservedly won Best Foreign Film Oscar. Great small part for Charles Azvanour

So Fine (1981)
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VEGAS..... then RENO, you dont like it.....Tough, 21 April 2002

'So Fine'(1981) Absolutely hysterical comedy about a college professor forced by one- syllable mobster( played perfectly by 7'2'' giant Richard Kiel)to join his manufacturer father in the garment industry and inadvertently invents see-through jeans that become a national rage. Ryan O'Neal( believe it or not) is very good as the flustered professor and the great Jack Warden as the father, all but steals the film. Non- stop laughs for 90 minutes

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Sleeper film of 1962, 13 April 2002

'David and Lisa'(1962) Director Frank Perrys film debut earned him an Oscar nomination in this independently made movie about two troubled teenagers who fall in love while being institutionalized for mental illness.Keir Dullea and the late Janet Margolin are excellent in the title roles and veteran stage actor Howard DeSilva does a nice job as the compassionate doctor. Script by Eleanor Perry

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Just one word........plastics, 6 April 2002

'The Graduate'(1967) One of the all-time great movies, and a landmark film of the '60's. Dustin Hoffman became a star playing a young college graduate who is seduced by his fathers business partners wife,( Anne Bancroft) then falls in love with her daughter(Katherine Ross). The directing by Oscar winner Mike Nichols is superb and Simon and Garfunkels music score is second to none. Script by Buck Henry.

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