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Fast -paced, Excellent Show, 27 January 2005

I really enjoyed this show. I am not usually keen on things which have been remade, but was convinced that this was the right decision after a few scenes of the mini-series.

The changes made to the original fit very well, including the changes in Boomer and Starbuck and the new cyclons are a clever ploy. I think the series is much more 'realistic' (if you can say that about a sci-fi show) than the original, which was campy to say the least. The characters show real heart and feeling and are just as flawed as the rest of us.

All in all the show is gritty, fast-paced and a welcome change to some other current sci-fi efforts.

Well done!

"Lost" (2004)
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The Bigger Picture Please..., 18 November 2004

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***Possible Spoiler***

I like Lost, don't get me wrong. The cast? Good. The premise? Good. But what frustrates me most is the lack of concentration on the bigger picture of what is going on on the island. I know that this is a season so they don't want to peak too soon and they hope to have more seasons to fill in the future, but it seems to me that concentrating on each character in turn over 22 weeks is a sure way to get cancelled. Surely it would be better to throw in a 'what's with the island' episode once in while, and I hope that is what's going to happen now that Sayid has gone exploring.

I am still hanging in there with Lost because I think it shows a lot of promise, so we'll wait and see!

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A wonderful fairytale romance, 2 October 2004

I am a long-term fan of this movie. I love musicals anyway, but was totally blown away by 'The Slipper and the Rose'.

The score by the Sherman brothers is wonderful, particularly the Oscar-nominated 'He/She Danced with Me' and all of the cast cope well with the singing, despite most not being singers primarily. Gemma Craven's debut is an excellent one, as she manages to play the very well known character of Cinderella uniquely and with skill.

The movie is well directed by Bryan Forbes and excellently choreographed (Position and Positioning being a prime example), and this rounds out an overall wonderful cinematic experience.

Margaret Lockwood is a joy to watch as the venomous stepmother, but all of the British greats present (Edith Evans, Kenneth More, Michael Hordern, Annette Crosbie et al) add class and gravitas to the proceedings.

Well worth the effort!

Wimbledon (2004)
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Sparkling, Witty Sports Rom/Com, 1 October 2004

I've been waiting to see this movie since I first heard about the shoot. I love Wimbledon the place, but was also suitably impressed by Wimbledon the movie.

It's been compared to my other favourite sports rom/com 'The Cutting Edge' and I definitely agree. The basic story has been done - washed up pro finds romance with upcoming new star and gets his second wind - but that doesn't mean that it can't be done again, and done well.

Paul Bettany was excellent and I was much happier to see him than Hugh Grant, and Kirsten Dunst played the competitive brat well.

The script had some genuinely funny moments, with Jon Favreau stealing some of the best lines.

We all know how the movie will turn out at the end, but this does nothing to detract from it on the whole. Brain power is not required to watch this film, but that makes it all the more enjoyable.

I eagerly await the DVD release and give Wimbledon 9/10.

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How Unfortunate., 29 September 2004

I was hoping to like this movie, and visually it was stunning, but an excess of style is no excuse for not including a story. The script (whilst having a couple of funny one-liners) was not impressive and in their attempt to make the movie a spectacle any actor direction/motivation was seemingly lost.

I appreciate what the filmmakers were trying to do and the visuals were spectacular, I particularly liked the floating airstrips, but the actors didn't really engage with the scenery. What should have been gasps of awe at the grandeur were merely 'Oh, jolly good'.

The highlight I think was Angelina Jolie and the amphibious squadron, but the rest of the action was really not up to par.

An unfortunate 4/10 (sorry Jude Law, love ya, but...)

Swept Away (2002)
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Not THAT Bad..., 29 September 2004

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Possible Spoiler ***

I was surprised by this movie, as it has been trashed from here to high heaven.

It didn't have much going for it until right at the very end. I found myself quite glad that the ending was not a Hollywood fixer-upper and it did not all work out neatly and in the happiest way possible.

Madonna was OK, but she seemed to be completely colourless throughout. Did her husband not want to light the woman properly? The acting was OK, and it was worth seeing just to see what the fuss was about.

Definitely not a keeper though!

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'Life Isn't a Rehearsal You Know!', 27 September 2004

A group of ordinary British women embark upon the first all-female outward-bound course in the UK. While trying to survive in the outdoors, they also face up to what's lacking in their own lives.

Sounds boring huh?

Well, you'd think that this is a slow-moving dirge, with a group of middle-aged frumps railing against the state of their lives, but for some reason it doesn't turn out like that.

I found the whole group to be engaging. With a complete cross-section of ages and temperaments, they seem to represent the complete dynamic of female society, right through from your granny to your best friend.

Though this is primarily an ensemble piece, Julie Walters as the wise-cracking Fran provides the focus, as she becomes friend to some members of the group yet is an object of disdain for others. All of the women reveal something about themselves during the course, whether it's the feminist who is disgusted that she needs a man in her life, or the young housewife who can't decide whether divorce is the answer, but Fran undergoes a complete transformation from not really caring about the course or the group, to admitting her vulnerability and loneliness and giving the final exercise her all.

The film is not a spectacle, but rather shows women being women, talking about sensitive issues and supporting each other, which I think turns some people off. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would heartily recommend it.

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A Classic 20 years on..., 25 September 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie has certainly survived the test of time, in that it can still provoke a happy yet poignant tear when everything turns out for the best in the end. And that really is the source of its appeal.

College graduate Zack Mayo (Gere) enlists in the Naval Officer Candidate programme to realize his ambition of flying fighter jets, and also to escape a haunted past of his mother's suicide and his alcoholic sailor father.

While training, not only does he have to survive the Drill Instructor (Gossett Jr) but he also recognises the solitude that has been holding him back his whole life. Throw Debra Winger into the mix as the girl looking for a husband amongst the class and David Keith as Mayo's best friend with his own problems, then you have this classic movie.

I have seen this movie many times and it never gets boring. Richard Gere is at his most powerful here and I don't think he's ever had a better role. The supporting cast is also solid, with Gossett Jr. firmly deserving his Academy Award and Winger proving once again that she is thoroughly underrated by Hollywood.

A firm 10/10 from me.

A Hazard of Hearts (1987) (TV)
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Good rollicking nonsense!, 21 September 2004

I love this movie and have done since I first saw it many years ago.

The script is firmly buried in cliché and is in places laughable (She's about to have the vapours - I'll lay odds on it!) but that only adds to its charm.

An impressive early performance from Helena Bonham-Carter as the spunky country-mouse, and a first look at Marcus Gilbert (phoaar) as the brooding-yet-misunderstood-and-hunky Lord Vulcan provides the energy of the movie, but the old guard (Diana Rigg, Stewart Granger, Anna Massey et al) provide the seasoning which makes this a most palatable effort.

I have now seen this about a hundred times and can practically talk along with it, but it never gets old, never gets tired and the DVD will be my next purchase (I *shall* have it!).

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Stunning, yet unappreciated..., 24 August 2004

I love Dancin' Thru The Dark and have done since I saw it on the BBC several years ago.

It's hard to pinpoint what I like best about it, but I think a lot of it comes from the brilliant and funny script, the excellent choice of unknowns to play the leads and the atmosphere of the whole thing - I think we all know local dives like Bransky's!

The soundtrack also stands out for me, with three excellent songs written by Willy Russell and sung by Con O'Neill (So Many People, Shoe Shine, Dancin' Thru The Dark) who shows a considerable musical talent.

All in all, I'd watch this movie all day and wish it was more widely available on DVD - if only to let more people see Bernie stick her foot in the men's toilet!

A Classic - 5 out of 5!!

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