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Ugh what a complete and total waste!
8 December 2000
Does the story of this movie sound good? Really it isn't.

I like Thora Birch, but why did she choose such a poor movie after American Beauty?? From an Oscar winning movie (Best Picture, mind you) to a movie that's one of the year's worst got me. People are describing Wayans as being as annoying as Jar Jar Binks. Personally, I could agree there, but he's worse. (And another thing, I don't find Jar Jar annoying, but that's an entirely different subject) Wayans does not belong in a movie like this, he just made it worse. Irons is....well he overacts too much. Way too enthusiastic for this film. So pretty much I could say the performances for this film are nothing but wooden. The special effects....I liked some of them and some of the visuals were great to look at, but some were silly. I admit I like the maze part and the ending sequence with the dragons. I wanted them to stop focusing on the stupid story and get back to the dragons. Overall, what a waste of film. It steals so many elements from other films, and yet the execution of them are terrible. And with a talented cast, shame it had to go to waste. Only worth watching for a few good effects and a couple of mildly entertaining scenes, but avoid if you can. Now we can only look on to bigger and better things, await the film adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's classic Lord of the Rings
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A very well done film
16 October 2000
I was so glad to catch the sneak preview of Pay It Forward while I had the chance. This movie was so great to watch. I love Helen Hunt, Kevin Spacey, and Haley Joel Osment, so I went to see this movie for their star power. All of the performances were excellent and should receive Oscar consideration. The story, though yes depressing at times, is very nicely assembled and masterfully told. A film that will not soon be forgotten. It's one of my favorites this year
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Toy Story 2 (1999)
One of the finest sequels of all time
28 September 2000
Toy Story 2 is considered to be a rare gem. What makes it rare is because there's so many sequels out there that can't live up to the original. Toy Story 2 is not the case. It is every bit as good, and at times even better,than the original. The new characters are great, and they blend in so well that it seems like they were there the first movie, even though they weren't. The music, what can I say? Music is good, especially When She Loved Me, which is the most beautiful part of the film. The animation and story are top notch, just like the original. And the voice cast, returning and new, is the best. Overall, this film can go down in history with The Empire Strikes Back and The Godfather Part II as one of the best sequels ever
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Toy Story (1995)
The masterpiece that started it all
28 September 2000
I remember seeing Toy Story opening night in 1995. 5 years have passed since then, and this movie is still awesome. I have matured in those years, but this film has not lost it's impact. It's so addictive to watch and so much fun. It has a wonderful voice cast, great animation, and an overall great story. It's a film I will watch for years, and it's one of my favorite modern animation films
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An excellent film
19 August 2000
I remember seeing this film as a little kid, and I loved it. It was a joy every time I rented it. I still remember some of it and I love the memories. I haven't seen this movie in years, and I really really hope this will be re-released. I want to rediscover it for the first time. This is such a great movie, and I miss it tons. Bring it back Disney!!
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Barrymore makes this movie shine
7 August 2000
Drew Barrymore is such a delight to watch in this movie. She has so much energy in this film, and it's completely effective and charming. Without her, this movie wouldn't have been nearly as enjoyable. Yup the movie is definitely predictable, but with Barrymore, the movie is a lot of fun to watch. Leelee Sobieski has a supporting role here, but she's amazing to watch anyway. I'm glad I finally had the chance to rent this and watch it. It's well worth it
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Down to You (2000)
From a male's perspective, not a terrible movie
3 August 2000
My sister wanted to rent this, so we did, and late at night I sat down by myself to watch this. Down to You is your typical normal romantic comedy. No ground breaking material, just the same stuff recycled. No original ideas or plot twists, only the tiring formula that's wearing thin. Is this film enjoyable? Yes, but it's completely forgettable as well. Like cotton candy, it's thin sweet texture that has no substance is soon gone. Yup it's very predictable as well. Is it worth watching? Yes as a rental it works well with a lazy afternoon. Overall, this movie is not as bad as some people say. A 4.6 rating? Trust me, there's worse movies.
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A fun movie
1 August 2000
I remember going to the theaters to see this movie. I really enjoyed watching it. All of the excitement, the special effects, the great laugh from Rosie O'Donnell. But then when I look back at this film, it lacks in just the same spot as the new prequel does. It lacks a decent plot and a great villain. Both of the actors in these movies are likeable, the story just never quite takes off. It's like getting stuck in neutral. Though this movie is likeable overall
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Strictly for kids
22 July 2000
I was unfortunately dragged to this film yesterday, being the first day out in theaters in the US. I didn't really feel like seeing it since I'm not a Pokemon fan anyways. I skipped the first movie for that reason. But this time, my cousins had to drag me. I waited for the movie to start, even though I didn't want it to. I just wanted to get it over with. The animated short Pikachu's Rescue Adventure shows before the movie, and it's utterly stupid, boring, pointless. As for the movie itself, it would be the same thing. Kids will go crazy for it, while teens and adults like me will sit back and be bored and annoyed to death. They were dragged to it after all. Is there a redeeming quality in this film? Yes a small one. The transformation sequence at the end (I won't mention what it is) is sorta nice to watch. The music goes well with it, and it's the highlight of the movie. However, the movie as a whole is completely disposable and forgettable. If you want good family entertainment that you don't mind being dragged to, Titan AE is a good example. But if it's at all possible, stay away from this one. It's 101 minutes of pure wasted time
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X-Men (2000)
After the huge 10 year wait...
14 July 2000
After 10 long years, it's finally here! I've been reading the comics and in 2nd grade, I've heard the rumors about the movie. At the time, Arnold Schwarzenegger was rumored to be in it. Now finally after many years of waiting (Yes I'm gonna be a senior in high school this upcoming school year), I finally saw it. Actually saw it Wednesday at a special screening for free, and I must say, it would've been worth full price. This is, probably without a doubt, my favorite comic book adapted movie, yes better than Batman. It's that good. I never wanted the dazzling special effects and fun to end. But unfortunately it had to, but the good thing is, there is most likely a sequel coming up, and I guarantee you I will be there. I'm ready to see this movie again.
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