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such a surrealistic world--i loved it!i, 16 October 2006

i think i was about ten so when i first noticed this comic strip. did not pay much attention to it at first but the more you looked the more you became fascinated by it. i haven't seen any of the cartoons for very many years but i still remember those crazy landscapes. it seems to me that george herriman could have made a name for himself as a painter of surrealist landscapes. of course, at that time i had no inkling of surrealism but was aware that such landscapes could not exist in the real world. some have commented on how a supposedly timid mouse could have turned into a fierce aggressor. i have nothing to say about that. things happen, you know. burgesssha

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beautiful scenery, ok story line and Sean young is in it., 6 March 2003

Ive always been a sucker for any movie that has good scenery in it. It's why I liked Horse Whisperer. And this movie too. Although not quite up to the level of Horse Whisperer, it is still very good. And, I liked Sean Young and the way she depicted her character. If she is anything like her character in person she must be a very likable person.

China Rose (1983) (TV)
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a kind of a road movie, 20 June 2002

George C. Scott's character comes to Communist China to look for his long lost son. The US Embassy or Consulate assigns Rose (Ms. McGraw) who is studying in China, to be his guide and interpreter. Together, they set out looking for the son and have a dangerous time it. That sounds pretty banal but the acting is good and the chemistry between Ms. McGraw and Mr. Scott is palpable. And, from what I could tell, I think the locations were actually shot in China, not in a Hollywood lot. And the feeling of being a stranger in a strange land came across quite nicely. Everything considered, a superior movie

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a very nice love story, 14 December 2000

I taped this movie off the air some years ago and liked it enough to view it every once in a while. I think both Carroll Baker and Ralph Meeker did good work. Carroll Baker's Mary Ann Robinson had to get over her rape and Ralph Meeker had to find redemption for something in his past. Some may find the ending overly sentimental but I think that Carroll Baker's acting at that juncture was true to life and very appealing.