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Spellbounding,I couldn't stop watching., 27 March 2000

As a result of seeing this for the 1st time 2wks ago I had to order my own series. Now I'm waiting with intensity for it. Great portrayal of events happening during that time. They did not skate over the slavery issue. The relationship between families and friends was substained during horrible time. The girl who played Ashton was our own scarlet ohara. Casting great, a Patrick Swayze I have never seen before. He and Lesley Ann Down had a special chemistry that played off each other great. Every time I heard the music played as they met there was an intensity in it. Great period customs,the setting was great. David Carradine and Genie Francis,Reed, so many great actors and actress. Don't forget Kristie Alley, she gave a strong performance. Seen her in lighter roles, but here she was outstanding. One thing that I can appreciate also was a saying by the president that Orry Main repeated at his mom's funeral. It goes something like this. "With malice toward none", let us bind up the nations wounds,have charity for all....This is the kind of nation we need. We need one also, where we would forget about past hurts,because concentrating on them, keeps us in the past. This is a movie that makes you want to go on and achieve.