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Yes take me on a tour of the best strip clubs around., 23 August 2001

Playboy Home Video once again does it by showing the best seductive footage around. This time it's not playmates or famous women, but a tour of the hottest strip clubs in North America. Any man must confess that they like going to a strip club and most have been at least once in their lifetime. This Playboy video shows the most exquisite women on stage as they tease all over. Erotic entertainers are featured from cities like Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Tampa, Florida. The real treat along with the show footage is that the cameras go backstage to meet each sexy stunner personally.

Deadly Desire (1991) (TV)
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The hot and sexy Kathryn Harrold is my next county neighbor!, 23 August 2001

I just remember about ten years ago watching this movie on the USA cable network and saw it listed on the IMDB. The best I remember this movie features some hot and steamy scenes of the beautiful Kathryn Harrold, and to make things better I just learned that Kathryn grew up in a rural Virginia county just north and east of me she's part of southwest Virginia! I live in Buchanan county and Kathryn is a Tazewell county native! It's so nice to know that a beautiful actress grew up not far from the place you live! This is old and never hardly gets reruns but I'm glad I saw it and I always remember the region and birthplace of the beautiful Kathryn!

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Jane Seymour stars in this sexy suspense thriller., 23 August 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Are You Lonesome Tonight? isn't the best movie, but not a bad movie either. A few sexy scenes are provided even with Jane Seymour the story is as rich and erotic as ever. Seymour stars as a rich wife married to a business man who has secrets like his little thing with a phone sex girl. After the husband is missing only later to turn up dead by playing with the wrong kind of fire, a private eye (Parker Stevenson) helps Seymour solve the problem and bring justice on the situation. In the end the Seymour and Stevenson characters end up lovers, good TV movie watch it sometime all of you Jane Seymour fans.

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21 is the magic number for viewing fun!, 23 August 2001

This Playboy video the 21 Playmates Centerfold Collection is a must for any collector's library. You name it over the years Playboy has captured some of the best playmates ever on film. The most known playmate featured on this video is the sexy Shannon Tweed believe me just featuring Shannon herself is enough to make a video a collector item. Morgan Fox is also real nice plus the remaining 19 are all a golden collection of playmates, this video is a nice addition to any library.

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Life is a beach with Playboy's Babes Of Baywatch., 23 August 2001

We all came to love the beautiful ladies over the years on television, well it got better thanks to Playboy Home Video by making the Babes Of Baywatch. Playboy had already had most of these Baywatch beauties to grace the pages of the magazine and it was a smart thing to take video footage of each and put it together to form an all-star line-up. Just to mention a few featured are the beautiful Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, Donna D' Errico, Erika Eleniak, and Traci Bingham. Much of this footage is beach footage but far different from the type of footage on Baywatch!

HBO Boxing (2000) (VG)
Doesn't match the excitement and realism of an actual HBO boxing telecast., 22 August 2001

This video game is in no way like the feel and excitement of an HBO broadcast. Sure you have all the HBO signatures like KO Nation, Boxing After Dark, World Championship Boxing, and TVKO Pay-Per-View with actual Las Vegas and Atlantic City venues. The best part of the game is the blow-by-blow commentary from the award winning broadcast team of Jim Lampley, Larry Merchant and Harold Lederman. Now the bad news the control and punch style of the boxers on this game is just to slow, for some reason or another learning to masters the control and movement of the boxers is just so hard. Second problem own fighter mode is hard and dull I just don't like the divisions and features of creating your own fighter, and picking the mangers is tough it's hard to be placed in good fights early on. Sure this game has the big name HBO fighters in Roy Jones Jr. and George Foreman, but the action is the big thing that doesn't deliver the sound and commentary is great I still suggest watching a telecast for the best HBO boxing experience.

Young Guns (1988)
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Now this is a western I can watch! A classic., 22 August 2001

Being a younger generation movie watcher a western did not belong in my movie diet, that's more on the menu of my grandfather but with the modern cast like Sheen and Estevez and with the action Young Guns is my style of movie. From the first time of seeing Young Guns at the movies in 1988 to the present day each time I watch it I enjoy it. Now considered a classic with many TV viewings this is a movie you learn by heart, many of the scenes with Billy the kid (Estevez) are so well respected and remembered. The performances from Sheen and Lou Diamond Phillips are great it worked so good with the Emilio character. A great western classic to watch over and over to see how the west was won with gun-slinging.

Mike Tyson Boxing (2000) (VG)
This is no punch-out!! but still any video game with the toughest and best boxer on the planet is just fine to play., 22 August 2001

Remember the years of the great video game Tyson's Punch-Out!!, well now try Mike Tyson Boxing. The big difference this time is that you don't have to worry about trying to beat the great Tyson, instead fight as Tyson and take on fighters all over the globe. The graphics of this game are great Tyson is looking just like his actual self all of the other boxers are neat looking despite not being real. This isn't the best video game in the world, but a game with the tough Mike Tyson attracts interest.

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The best and most accurate updated news by the minute in TV news history., 21 August 2001

You name it you have it news that is anytime day or night every hour updated by the minute, with watching "Headline News" a person has the world right at the fingertips. Despite no longer having the talented and beautiful Lynne Russell around this 24 hour news cable service channel is still the best around as other young and talented female anchors are now driving the way of news success. Day or night turn to "Headline News" for the best and most updated information of all sorts believe me you'll be glad you did.

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Scores, highlights, interviews, facts, trivia, and plays of the day you guessed right it's "SportsCenter" on ESPN., 21 August 2001

This sports news show has now been going for over two decades, and shows no signs of slowing down "SportsCenter" seems to be staying for good. You name it when you want to know anything about sports of any type tune to this day or night. I know ESPN reruns enough of these shows over and over during the mornings and during the day, but hey this is the networks bread and butter, so a viewer has a chance to catch something if they miss it right off. The reporters and anchors are some of the best and most knowledgeable in the business that is well evidenced in Chris Berman, Charlie Steiner, and Brian Kenny. Some of the female anchors are colorful and talented you can notice that so well in Robin Roberts and Linda Cohn. So if your a sports buff making "SportsCenter" apart of your week is a must.

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