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Super Mario Bros. (1985) (VG)
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The best of the best., 31 December 2001

Despite constant sequels and updates, nothing beats the original. Mario had other games before this, but this is the first real Super Mario. Everyone knows the point of the game, it's been copied so many times since being released. You must jump on turtles, goombas etc, find mushrooms and fire flowers, and eventually make your way to King Koopa. Although many claim that the sequels are better games, I personally think this is the best of the series. Simple action, catchy music, and still pretty good graphics keep this one a winner.

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Classic MST., 28 November 2001

One of the very best videos of MST ever, it's especially good for introducing Newbies to the classic hilarity we all love. This video showcases some of the worst shorts ever to appear on the show, with all Joel/Mike's, Tom's, and Crow's hilarious riffing. All of them are completely hilarious, there's no ONE highlight, the whole thing's one big Highlight. Overall an MST classic.

Pure hilarity., 11 November 2001

I'm in no way an avid PBS watcher, but it's amazing what a bit of channel surfing can do. One night I stumbled onto the last episode of the previous series, and, finding it amusing, eagerly waited for the next week. What I got was "Blackadder Goes Forth", and to tell the truth, it's one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. I don't watch a lot of foreign shows, mainly because each country has it's own jokes, and sometimes I just don't understand them. But, what's not to understand about this? It's hilarious, Blackadder being nasty to Baldrick and George, that's classic. Now PBS is showing the first series again, and to be honest I just don't like it. There's some good jokes, but Baldrick isn't stupid enough and Blackadder is a moron, at least in what I have seen and read about it. This and "The Red Green Show" are the best things on PBS.

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Classic MST., 6 October 2001

In this special, the 'bots spoof the oscars. Simple as that, and of course it comes off as totally hilarious. Watching this today, it's a little sad that the show is no longer running, but we'll always have this to remember it by (as well as every episode except KTMA'S 1-3). This is classic MST.

Pretty poor when compared to "Who's Line..."., 6 October 2001

Man, did I look forward to this. Brady is so cool on "Who's Line...", you knew he was going to get his own show sooner or later. However, it shouldn't have been done like this. The dancing thing gets old fast, and the comedy just isn't very good. I agree with a previous reviewer, "He's the hottest thing around" sounds like they're bragging, especially when the show isn't that good. Some funny bits, but that's it.

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Excellent show., 19 August 2001

Craig is great, a fine host in a show worthy of following Dave. Although it's hard for me to choose whether to watch this or Conan, I usually watch this. I love "In the News" and "5 Questions", they're plain out hilarious. Craig introduced me to the late late show, I don't even remember this Tom Snyder. An excellent show worth staying up for.

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Pretty good late night show., 19 August 2001

After Dave (rightfully) left NBC, we got Conan. Although it's scheduling against "The Late Late Show" with Craig Kilborn is a bit of a problem, I usually switch back and forth, although I do prefer Craig. This show is generally odd, but in a funny way. That "Getting hit in the face with a brick" bit made me laugh so hard my sides were killing me. Not as good as Dave's show, but fun anyways.

"M*A*S*H" (1972)
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The greatest situation comedy ever made., 19 August 2001

There's really no competition, this is the greatest situation comedy ever made. This along with "Mystery Science Theater 3000" are my two all time favorite shows. Everything about this works, from the spectacular cast (which, even after being changed a number of times, remained first-rate), to the excellent plots. It shows how awful war is, but with a sense of humor, which is something few other shows could even hope to achieve. All of the characters are great, but Hawkeye and B.J. are the best. Trapper was good too, but I started watching when B.J. was on so those episodes stand out a bit more to me. One of my all time favorite episodes is the one where Hawkeye wants some decent food and goes to great lengths to get some ribs, but all of the episodes them are simply outstanding. A classic sitcom by which all others should be measured.

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Amazingly good., 19 August 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There's nothing like a good brainless action movie, and this is one of the best (warning, minor spoilers). It starts with the guy from "Dawn of the Dead" getting shot and it takes off from there. Some of the action scenes are simply fantastic, you wouldn't expect them to be, but they are, especially in the car warehouse. Man, that's one great sequence. I was really hoping that Santee would rip Severance apart from limb to limb, instead he punches him the face a few times and is about to smash his head with a rock before Severance is arrested for a being a jerk. That scene is a let down but that's about the only part that's disappointing. What's really important is that this film has a sense of humor, which makes it all the more entertaining. A must-see action classic.

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The finest late night talk show ever., 19 August 2001

And that includes Dave's current show on CBS (they're basically the same, except for the set, crew, and name). Nothing against Carson, but Dave is the best ever. Everything you're watching today, Dave did it first, and best. He's still going, and he hasn't lost his ability to make people laugh. Craig and Conan are okay, Leno is awful, but Dave leaves everyone in the dust. Frankly, I'm glad Dave moved to CBS, if NBC thought that Leno should take over Carson's job even though Dave deserved it, then it was obvious that he was too good for the channel. I'm willing to bet he'll be around for a good many more years, thankfully.

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