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Poseidon (2006)
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Tense movie; good characters, 12 May 2006

I'm a huge fan of the original movie "The Poseidon Adventure" but I have to hand it to this remake. It was far more tense, and I have to disagree the the other post which says that one doesn't get attached to any of the characters. This couldn't be further from the truth. I deeply cared about the mother and son as well as Kurt Russell's character. I give this movie a solid 8. My fiancée' was holding her breath throughout most of the movie, and I must say that I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. The special effects were utterly fantastic. Sure, there were a few plot holes, but in what disaster movie are there not one or two plot holes? Very, very well done movie.

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Great remake!, 18 October 2003

An excellent remake of a fantastic horror movie! In fact, I almost like this version better than the original. Like the original, it focused less on gore and more on suggestive violence. Of course there was plenty of gore, but it wasn't a complete and utter gore fest. Great fun for those with strong stomachs and an even stronger constitution. 8 stars, maybe even 9 or 10. Great show!

Chicago (2002)
Best Musical since "The Music Man", 13 March 2003

This is the best musical I have seen on screen since the 1962 screening of Meredith Wilson's "The Music Man". The music, acting, cinematography, absolutely everything about "Chicago" was just superb. It deserves every Oscar it has been nominated for. Great job to everybody, especially to Kander and Ebb for making ragtime jazz popular again!

The Ring (2002)
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Absolutely Dismal, 5 November 2002

This movie made me demand my money back. One of the, supposedly, best movies in America left me with a horrible taste in my mouth. The plot was completely un-believable, the acting was mediocre at best, and the theme was WAY overplayed. I found nothing even vaguely thrilling or original in this tripe, and I hope that it dies a very fast death so that people with discerning tastes can spare themselves. 1 out of 10.

Ghost Ship (2002)
Some good scares, 5 November 2002

I just recently saw "Ghost Ship" after watching a movie that I thought would be its predecessor, "Death Ship". While the basic premise is there, "Ghost Ship" was much better, especially the opening scene. The scene was very effective and I loved the few special effects that were used throughout the movie. Far, FAR better than "The Ring" for this Fall's horror / thriller movie. 8 out of 10

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Best movie ever made, 30 May 2002

Folks, out of all the movies I've ever seen in all my years, "Pete's Dragon" has got to be the best. The character acting is superb, it has the best sound-track musically and lyrically that I've ever heard (Great job to Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn). The only thing that even possibly left something to be desired was the animation, but you must take into account the time the movie was made. Great entertainment for people of all ages! 10 stars, A+++++++

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Craptacular at best, 30 May 2002

This movie was not so hot. As a rendition of the classic story it was bad, but as a blood and guts horror movie it was OK. Robert Englund did all he could with the role in this script and he did a fine job as a bloodthirsty murderer.

Opera (1987)
Fantastic and Frightening, 10 November 2001

I LOVE horror movies, and it's the movies like this that keep me comin' back for more. Dario Argento struck gold with this film! It was a great variation of "Phantom of the Opera", but don't watch it for that. I originally did and found it a good variation, but it should be appreciated on it's own merits, and there are plenty of them! Prepare yourself for a bloody good time, and don't watch it alone! 10 out of 10

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Worst version to bear this title, 31 October 2001

I have seen (and own) almost every version of "The Phantom of the Opera" on VHS. Let me just say, this was terrible. It's nothing like the original, I can barely see where it gets its title. As a horror film it's pretty OK, but it doesn't deserver the title "Phantom of the Opera"

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Not too shabby, 31 October 2001

Though this version strays quite far from the book, it was still very good. Herbert Lom and Micheal Gough are excellent in this film, and the Dwarf was an odd, but fun twist. I didn't think that Miss Sears was right for Christine, but she did well none the less. All in all, pretty scary for the time and a good watch. I suggest it be watched, provided of course you can find it.

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