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Horrible, 23 January 2013

Canned laughter, stupid one-liners and unnecessary and cringe-worthy sexual innuendo.

Garrett Morris is funny, but that is about it. The actress that plays Max has a lot of potential but the writing is just bloody awful. The show relies on tired jokes and shtick. Oh look, this guy is short and possibly gay - let's make a joke about it every time he's on the screen. This guy is smarmy and foreign, let's make him a walking stereotype. It just gets dumber with each episode.

I have never, ever disliked a show as much as I abhor this one. Don't watch - it's a waste of time.

Nonames (2010)
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Saw this at the USA Film Festival last night..., 30 April 2011

...and it SUCKED. I think they must have filmed a 20 hour movie that they cut into two hours. It was nothing but endless non-sequiturs. It was clear that we were missing so, so, so much back story.

Not even the brilliant Barry Corbin could save this truly terrible flick.

The story centers around a group of friends, basically losers, who all have stupid drama in their lives that we are given no reason to care about. It jumps from one awful thing to another and NOTHING IS EVER EXPLAINED. The characters are empty, boring and depressing as hell. The only part of this movie that me, or any of the people with me, liked was the fact that it finally ended.

It is the feel-bad movie of the year. Don't bother.

Robert Duvall is a human chameleon, 18 June 2006

A few days before I saw this movie, I had watched "A Family Thing" with Robert Duvall and James Earl Jones.

To see Duvall transform himself into this unassuming, soft-spoken, proud Spanish man was simply amazing. I've lived in and out of Florida all my life and he was, quite frankly, authentic. He became the quiet, Cuban man that dined next to me so often - a dignified man with impeccable manners.

Sandra Bullock is not a major character, but her part should not go unnoticed. This is equally true of Shirley MacLaine and Piper Laurie - legends that lend their gifts to this beautiful film.

Richard Harris and Robert Duvall are brilliant in this sweet movie. Wrestling Ernest Hemingway is a quiet joy.

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Worse than I thought it would be, 3 April 2005

Let me start out by saying, I like the I like the Olsen twins - smart, cute girls, but this movie blew. They should stick with the straight to video flicks that have made them so rich and famous.

The bling scene was so unbelievably stupid, it was hard to comprehend that they weren't retching as they were filming it. Where are these merchants that give away free service, clothes etc.???

The unnecessary wrap up at the end where the guys end up going to London...the butchering of David Bowie's song...the lame dancing...the list of reasons why this movie sucked is absolutely endless.

Poor Reynaldo.