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Read the BOOK!!!, 14 August 2000

I must admit, I seriously loved the movie and especially Jack Nicholson's unbelievable performance. However, after reading the book, my opinion has definitely diminished a bit. The screenplay seems to consist simply of events of action only. The best parts of the book were the emotional rollercoasters the patients go through. Most of the best parts of the book were completely left out erasing much of the battle between Ratchet and McMurphy. I also missed the use of p.o.v through Chief Bromden's eyes. Overall, it was a great movie with unbelievable acting, however a sadly mediocre script seemed to leave out a great emotional story with an unbelievable theme.

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Bad Hollywood Ending (not a spoiler), 14 August 2000

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I absolutely hate when screenwriters take it among themselves to change history. Especially in a film so widely respected for its so-called accuracy. The story of Brandon Teena is so widely known that I can't believe Kimberly Pierce was allowed to trump up the ending so badly. What is so awful about leaving the tragic destination of the Brandon Teena story as it is known to have ended by any American with a television set or newspaper subscription. I did love every other moment of this movie though. And Hilary Swank deserved every bit of her Oscar. I applaud this film but am saddened at Pierce's use of creative license with such a widely known tragedy.

No talking, Just cool wave scenes!, 14 August 2000

Let me begin that I gave this film a solid 5 on the 10 point IMDB scale. That is, 5 for special effects, and 0 for screenplay. It has been a long time since I have watched a film with such bad, cheesy dialogue. While the special effects of the storm were unbelievable, the acting was terrible (especially Diane Lane who I usually love), the character relationships were so thinly portrayed and disgustingly sweet (note the scene between Diane Lane and Wahlberg's character's mom) that I nearly could not watch and truly did not care who died and who didn't. I truly can not understand why anyone likes this film. Take out the 30 minutes of cool effects and you have absolutely nothing left to enjoy.