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Smart...Quick....EXCELLENT!, 24 January 2002

I am a teenage girl in CA who's really happy she stumbled across "Sports Night" on Comedy Central. What else can I say but THE CAST IS BRILLIANT! Handsome Peter Krause plays Casey McCall, a recently divorced sportscaster who just can't seem to admit his feelings of love for Dana Whittaker, played by the fabulous Felicity Huffman. I liked Peter's character the most at first...but how can you miss the unmistakable talent of charming Josh Charles, who plays the smart Dan Rydell...fellow sportscaster and friend to Casey. Plus Joshua Malina, Sabrina Lloyd and Robert Guillaume are no less then fantastic!

It's not ALL about sports...hence the title. It's also about relationships, good and bad. It is smart, clean , and FAST! At first it's like, "What did they just talk about?" Once you watch it a few times and get the feel of it, you pick up their conversations like clockwork! I'm glad they show reruns.....and the same question always comes up in my book.............


Believe me.."Sports Night" qualifies in that catagory. It was and still is one of the best.

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Romance will captivate you!, 11 January 2001

This film is one of the best I've ever seen. It is truly forgotten and should get more recognition. Dennis Morgan and Eleanor Parker are one of the best on-screen couples. Their chemistry is intense and it's a shame they didn't make any more movies together. Georgia Lee Settle is perfect as Eleanor's younger sister, Ellie. She did not become a star which is highly disappointing. A very funny actress and she should have got more roles. If you are craving an excellent film with Dennis Morgan and romance, this hits the spot! He has never been better!

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You're a "scotchman"!!!, 21 December 2000

This film is backed by an excellent cast. Priscilla Lane and Dennis Morgan make a sweet couple. Dennis, (Angus Ferguson), is constantly bothered by Priscilla's father because he is Scottish and took over her father's policeman job when he had to leave the force. Will love conquer? Find out when you watch this fast-paced great film. Very Much recommended!

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A film full of holiday fun!, 12 November 2000

Make sure you make this delightful comedy part of your holiday season! If you admire Dennis Morgan or Barbara Stanwyck, this film is a fun one to watch. They really work well together as you would see in this movie. The whole cast was very entertaining. Since I'm a Dennis Morgan fan, this film was a real treat! But...everyone can enjoy it! Recommended!

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Dennis Morgan sings like never before!, 13 June 2000

I was amazed at how short this film was AND how extremely great it was.Dennis Morgan's voice was really exceptional and he sang so much in this movie,it made it SO nice!!It has to do a lot with the police force.It was drama and music all wrapped up into one package.Hope you enjoy it!!

Waterfront (1939)
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Great Cast......Fast Performance!, 13 June 2000

This film is just an hour long,but full of suspense!Jim Dolen (Dennis Morgan) is a guy who can't seem to stop getting in trouble and Ann Stacey (Gloria Dickson) refuses to get married to him until he changes his attitude.Ward Bond is great in this one.Dennis is very young and this is one of his first films at Warner Brothers as "Dennis Morgan" and not "Stanley Morner"!I hope you'll enjoy it if you see it!

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A funny,charming musical!, 27 May 2000

I have been a huge fan of Dennis Morgan and Jack Carson for some time now.Any other fan should really see this movie.It had so many songs and "Music In the land" is great.The supporting cast was great and it was and always will be a highly entertaining musical!

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An Excellent cast that's hard to resist!, 2 May 2000

This is a forgotten classic.It shows the dark side of fame and fortune.Ida Lupino and Joan Leslie were great and this is the best dramatic film I've ever seen Jack Carson in.He really got a chance to show his acting talent being dramatic.Dennis Morgan was excellent and I was glad to see him sing a little even in a drama.I recommend that you see this movie and see all these actors at their best!

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Alexis tries...but Ann wins at the end!!!, 2 May 2000

This was a dramatic film that was very excellent,but predictable.With that cast,who cares!!Alexis is money hungry and out to marry Dennis.Dennis is in love with Ann.When Dennis asks Ann to marry him she says....well I won't spoil it.I recommend you see it.It's a great movie worth sitting through. Any Dennis Morgan,Alexis Smith or Ann Sheridan fan should see it.I highly recommend it!

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A Film that makes you laugh!, 2 May 2000

I absolutely loved this story!Rita Hayworth,Merle Oberon and Dennis Morgan are energetic and entertaining throughout this whole film.Ralph Bellamy doesn't get the girl,but he's great anyway.Merle Oberon once commented that she thought this movie "was a real dud..I hate it!"She conceded that her children did like it.I thought it was wonderful and I love when Dennis ties Merle's foot to something on the pier and after struggling to get away...can't budge!She falls over into the water and catches a cold...which leads to Morgan and Bellamy arguing over who gets Merle.You'll have to watch this film to find out what happens!

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