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Fun, campy 1980s horror/comedy/western., 24 April 2005

This film is a fun, under-watched gem from the 80s. Fans of the first House have a lot to enjoy here. Certainly one of the only horror/comedy/westerns I can think of, but it works well in this picture. Don't expect Citizen Kane, but if you're looking for an enjoyable little flick, you won't be disappointed.

Interestingly, this film follows in the footsteps of the original House by casting a member of Cheers in a small role. In House, it's George Wendt, and in this film we get an amusing, if brief, appearance by John Ratzenberger. Jonathan Stark puts in an amusing performance as the Jim Carrey-esquire buddy, and Bill Maher shows up as well.

A solid documentary appealing to fans and non-fans alike, 20 March 2000

Beyond the Mat is a great documentary that should appeal to those people who don't enjoy wrestling as well as those rabid fans of the pseudo-sport. Though perhaps not as in-depth as some would like, it does a great job at answering Blaustein's question, "Just who are these guys?".