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The Ben Stiller Show (1992–1993)
Pure Genius
24 June 2000
Ben Stiller is the funniest man in all of TV/Movies. This show was so clever and so witty that it puts all other sketch-comedy shows to shame. His "Amish COPS" and "Advantage: Agassi" were particularly hysterical skits. Like many other fans, I am disappointed that it was cancelled so quickly. I would give ANYTHING to have Stiller's show back. It was easily the best show of all time.
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Showdown (I) (1993)
I can't believe this movie was ever made.
16 March 2000
The first time I saw this movie, I actually cried from laughing. (I swear that is 100% true) It is such a hideous movie that after I saw it on Showtime, I rented it to make sure that I hadn't hallucinated the entire thing. To my delight, the movie is real.... real bad.

I don't know why it didn't do better as a cult film - it is pretty much a dead-on parody of itself and all other films spawned from the Karate Kid mania of the mid eighties.

It isn't worth describing the plot in any other terms than "carbon copy of Karate Kid".

For some true belly laughs, rent this one. I had to check 5 or 6 different video stores to find it, but it is well worth it.
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Fletch (1985)
Fletch is Real Good.
16 March 2000
Sure, Chase is at his best. But let's not forget his dynamic supporting cast: Larry "Flash" Jenkins is mesmerizing, Ken Mars brilliant as Stanton Boyd and M. Emmet Walsh turns in a spellbinding performance as the jellyfingered "Internist Dr. Joseph Dolan." Those are three actors I enjoy. I assure you, you will feel like a hundred bucks after viewing this Mike Ritchie gem. Also note the score by Harold Faltermeyer - who brought us the memorable "Top Gun" and "Beverly Hills Cop" tunes. Well that's it. It's finished.
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