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Jesus' Son (1999)
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A prettier version of "Buffalo '66", 18 July 2000

There's something very sweet about Billy Crudup's face and it was one of the best things about this film. Don't get me wrong, the other characters were interesting enough to keep the story going, but Mr.Crudup did an amazing job, which I'll admit surprised me, because I've never considered him to be a great actor. The only thing I wished is that the other characters would have had more screen time. It was strange to see Dennis Hopper in a cameo role, and I wished he could have come back later on. Holly Hunter is always great and Jack Black is hilarious. I was very happily surprised by this film, but don't see it if you're looking for a quick-paced film. It's a slow, meandering trip, but worth it if you give it a chance.

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Tucci really gets it..., 13 June 2000

This movie was certainly one of the best I've seen recently. Ian Holm, whom I've always liked, is amazing. I love Stanley Tucci's films and I can think of nothing I'd change with this one. Without being sappy, Tucci manages to show a time and place where people generally cared for one another and it made me sad to think that this story might not happen today. A beautiful, strong end and I absolutely think everyone should see it. I will always look forward to seeing anything new by him and his jolly troupe.

Timecode (2000)
A cool idea, 10 May 2000

This film was only interesting because of its innovative technique. The story itself was quite weak, but was enough to keep me watching. I would have preferred more Julian Sands and less Salma Hayek, who I find hard to take seriously. I thought it was worth seeing, but I just hope that not many people choose to imitate this style. Mike Figgis is interesting enough to keep me watching, but I don't know how many others could do it well... Go on a cheap night, that's my advice.

I know it was great, but..., 26 April 2000

As a first feature film, this movie was amazing. The acting was also outstanding... However, this film left me in such a bad mood after it was done and I have figured out why. The characters that those wonderful actors, (especially Ms. Keener), played were heinous, weak people. Though they were funny for awhile, I eventually had to stop laughing because I felt like I was laughing at the fat kids in school... I will watch it again, so please don't take this as a criticism, but was it ever dark.

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Denzel can do no wrong..., 26 April 2000

Regardless of what truths might have been stretched for this film, all I have to say is that Denzel Washington is one of the most amazing actors to come across the big screen in a long time. I believe that he was Rubin Carter here, and though Kevin Spacey was great in "American Beauty", it would have been really nice for the Academy to finally recognize Denzel as the true gem that he is...

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So cool..., 24 April 2000

Paul Newman is still one of the sexiest men in cinema today, and this cool film is a perfect stage for him to display his talent. I didn't expect much from this, but went as I have never seen him on the big screen, and what a perfect choice it was. Not overly witty or fast, it was a good, entertaining story and he played his role perfectly. It was like watching "Cool Hand Luke" in his older years... No one suits a blue denim shirt better, and Fiorentino played with him wonderfully. The film's colors were great and I know I will watch it again... there will never be a classier guy on film and I would take him in his 70's over any styly young guy out there today. I can only hope that he won't quit just yet, as he still has so much in him...

WOW, WOW, WOW!, 24 March 2000

I love films that portray life in a realistic manner, and this one nails the coldness of the business world perfectly. Add a brilliant, "shocking" script and the wonderful Aaron Eckhart, and you have a volatile picture. I have heard people complain that this film is anti- women, but I think that that is overlooking the point. Without giving too much away, in real-life, handsome Chad, (Eckhart), would get it all. It's an unfortunate thing about our society, but we probably have all met people who remind us of this slimy guy. Kudos to Labute for showing how mean people can be to each other...

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The sexiest film in a long time, 24 March 2000

No one should disagree with me when I say that the sexual tension between Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney was the best on-screen in a long time. What I love about Soderbergh is his ability to create really sexy scenes without showing anything. As for Mr. Clooney, everyone should lay off of him because he has proven that he is a great actor. The whole entire cast is perfect and I would love to sit with this amazing director and find out how he does it. It is one of the few films I can watch again and again, and I think you should all do the same...

The Limey (1999)
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Soderbergh is my god, 23 March 2000

The neglect of this film at this year's Academy Awards is the biggest atrocity. Everyone should see it and finally give Steven Soderbergh the recognition he duly deserves. I couldn't stop talking about this one after I had seen it, and now that it has been released on video, my raves can go on. Terence Stamp is the coolest man on film now and don't even get me started on the wonderful Luiz Guzman. When are these fantastic actors finally going to be recognized for their sheer talent? Really, just rent it and judge it for yourself... You shouldn't be disappointed.

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Made my skin crawl, 16 March 2000

I went to see this movie simply because I had to see what all the hoopla was about... I am so happy that I didn't have to pay. Characters named "Fuzzy" are a warning sign of emotional manipulation. The director wanted us desperately to cry and it had the adverse effect on me. For a good film to watch on a winter's day, you should all run to see "The Straight Story" and skip this over-the-top-pull-your-heart-strings, (that ends up failing even at that). By the way, Erykah Badu is a million times more attractive than Ms. Theron and it saddens me that she played the homely one. One last thing... who wasn't able to predict Tobey's last line? Really, you must all admit I have a point.