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Nomination Criteria: Film must have less than 150,000 ratings on IMDB.
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My own damn opinion
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Criteria: Personal, Inter-Film Extracurriculars, AFI Recognition, Film ratings (IMDB & AFI), and Wins & Noms for: OSCAR, BAFTA, & Prix de la mise en scène.

This list took a lot of thought and revisiting, so look well. I'm working my way up from 50 with a paragraph of personal commentary per director. Might build this up to 100 but unlikely.
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None of his films punch a solid 10/10 for me; however, most of them are near perfection!

My only problem with Kubrick films is that I either find them painful (emotionally/psychologically) to watching over and over again. This is one of the only reasons I can't grant 10/10 to any of them.
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Criteria: Personal, OSCAR, BAFTA, Prix d'interprétation masculine, AFI, IMDB.
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Now, pay attention, 007...
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Not including thriller movies (i.e. Silence of the Lambs, Psycho). Even JAWS is kind of stretching it.
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For a time, my favorite director ever! Here's the list!
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